10 Foreplay Tips to Turn Him On

Anonymous asks:

I would love to know more tips about foreplay for men.

Dear Anonymous—

Foreplay is one of the most overlooked parts of sex. It’s dismissed as all the stuff you do before you get it on—aka have penis-in-vagina intercourse. Not only does this exclude everyone but cis, heterosexual couples, but it also limits how much pleasure you and your partner get to experience. Things like making out, oral sex, and manual sex (handjobs and fingering) feel good, and bring people to experience orgasm!

10 Foreplay Tips for Him

With that in mind, foreplay for men isn’t all that different as it is for women. The main idea is to slow the eff down and make pleasure your goal—instead of getting to some made-up main event.

Expand your idea of what foreplay is

Foreplay doesn’t only need to be this thing that happens between the sheets before intercourse. It also a) can take place throughout the day (e.g. sexting or reading sexy books) and b) can be the main event on its own.

Give them a show

Men tend to be more visual when it comes to sex. In fact, their brains respond more strongly to sexual images than women’s do.  

You can choose foreplay that’s visual in nature like sending sexy images of yourself, doing a strip tease or lap dance, or letting them watch you while you pleasure yourself. Or while doing another foreplay act, let your face and body reflect your enjoyment. (And if you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, is there a way to make it more pleasurable for you?)

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