14 Winter Date Ideas

Winter has come, and with it, the desire to hibernate. By this time in the season, the novelty of cozy sweaters and freshly fallen snow gives way to cabin fever and longing to go outside without first spending 10 minutes bundling up!

Just because you want to hibernate doesn’t mean you can’t have an intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life and relationship. Here are 14 winter date ideas for when it’s too cold to leave the house.

Bake Together

Put on some good tunes, dance around the kitchen, and make a yummy treat you’ve never tried before! Trying new things together, especially something that requires cooperation, boosts intimacy. Plus, having the oven on heats up the house if you’re trying to save money or live somewhere you don’t control the heat.

Host a game night with other couples…

Break out the Jenga, fire up the fireplace (or, you know, open the app on your TV), have everyone bring food to share, and spend the night laughing and competing.

…or play a sexy game just the two of you

From role playing to sexy truth or dare, get inspired and try something new in the bedroom.

Do a hot cocoa tasting

Buy a selection of different sipping chocolates and/or hot chocolates, and do a tasting at your place. Treat it like a fine wine or expensive chocolate: smell it, then take a sip and let it roll around your mouth a bit, then swallow. You’ll discover a new favorite treat andhave fun comparing tasting notes.

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