5 Easy Ways To Talk to Your Partner About Sex

Let’s face it — talking about sex can be awkward. Not only are you uncomfortable talking to your friends about this subject, but it can be harder to talk about sex with your partner. You worry what they’ll think. Will they laugh? Be disgusted? How do you even bring it up? How do you talk about sex with your partner?!

Step one: take a deep breath. Yes — they might laugh or be surprised. But they also might be totally into it. Maybe they’ve been waiting for you to bring it up because they were nervous and or uncomfortable too. Most of the time our worst-case scenarios don’t come to be and what happens instead is a sexy conversation about your desires.

Have the talk anyway.

Swallow your pride and fumble and stumble and ramble and flush bright red. In a few months or years, you’ll laugh about this — “Remember when you asked me about anal right when the restaurant’s speakers broke?!” It’s worth the awkwardness…

Click here for the rest of the article including why The Talk is so important and five ways to make it easier.

Your Partner in Passion,

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