5 More Sexy Massage Tips, Fave Tools, and … Madonna?

Last week I shared 12 massage tips and it inspired some awesome conversation. See?


Is this person for real(s)? Can a back massage really lead to orgasm? Read on for five more tips, including the answer to this question!

5 More Sexy Massage Tips

  1. Oil isn’t condom-compatible. Oil + latex = melted mess. Don’t let them touch! Therefore make sure any massage oil either doesn’t touch the genitals OR you have some fun washing it off before getting your sexy on.
  2. Showers have other massage benefits too. Showering before or after a massage helps your whole body to relax, heats up (aka loosens) your muscles, and lets you turn washing off oil into something sexy. Oh and of course, there’s always the potental for pre- or post-massage shower sex…
  3. Massage alone can lead to orgasm. YUP – it’s true! The nerve endings that make sex feel so damn good actually run through the lower back. Therefore lots of people find that any stimulation to the lower back, hip, and booty area can cause some pleasurable sensations and maybe even take you there.
  4. Lean into it. Rather than just relying on your fingertips – which let’s be real start to hurt/ache/cramp real fast – put your back body into it. Try this: face your partner, planting your feet firmly. Place your palms on their back and just leeeeeeeeeean into it, slowly. And don’t forget to end the massage with some long, sweeping strokes from shoulder to booty to wipe any last bits of tension away nd to help re-ground them.
  5. Wetter is better. Ok so maybe this isn’t 100% true but just like with sex, there needs to be some lubrication to help your hands just glide.

Now that you’re a massage expert, let’s talk about tools to make your life easier and your massage that much sexier…

Top 4 Massage Tools

These are my favorite massage tools and also happen to be best sellers among my clients. When choosing what’s right for you think: oil or lotion? Edible or not? And no matter what, get the ceramic massager. It’s seriously life-changing.

  1. Afterglow Massage Candle. Light the candle to get your room smelling sexy. When it’s massage time, simply blow it out and pour the lukewarm (not hot!) massage oil (not wax!). The spout helps ensure the oil goes exactly where you want it. Comes in Bourbon, Cucumber Water, Dark Vanilla, & Pink Lotus.
  2. Lulu Edible Massage Oil. Perfect if you want something that tastes delicious and lets you transition to giving a blowjob! Please note this product is not safe to use on the vagina. Available in Cocoa Picante (chocolate + a hint of spice); Dulce de Leche (caramel); Forbidden Fruit (pomegranate, Asian pear, & berry); or Forbidden Fruit 24K Gold (with 24K edible gold flakes).
  3. Pheremone Massage Lotion. Lightly scented, pheremone-infused massage cream to help you & your honey feel attractive and turned on. With a touch of silicone it lasts super long + the pump bottle makes it hella easy to re-up, mid-massage. Comes in Cucumber Melon & Lavendar Vanilla.
  4. Contour M Massager. Ceramic stone massager that makes giving a massage idiot-proof. Heat it up (think: hot stone massage) or cool it down for extra sensation. Plus it’s double-sided, enabling broad, sweeping strokes or light, multi-point sensations. Never give (or get) a bad massage again.

Now you’re all set to woo someone with your magical massage skills! Thank you again to Nik at Massagable for an amazing workshop and some mad massage skills.

Know someone who’s massage skills could use a boost? Who wants to wow their partner? Share this post. They’ll thank you and so will I.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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