9 Tips for Giving Oral Without Tiring Out Your Jaw

Anonymous asks:

How do I give oral without hurting my jaw?

Hey Anonymous—

Ah, the age old question. 

Of course, everyone’s anatomy and tolerance levels are different. Without knowing your specific details—what position you typically give oral in, the tingly bits on your receiving partner(s), etc., I’ve kept my advice fairly broad. Use the below information as a loose guide and do what works best for you and your partner(s).

Warm them up

A lot of sex advice recommends licking, nibbling, kissing, stroking, and massaging your way down the body. There are many reasons for this but one is that such a course of action helps them get aroused and excited but is easy on your jaw. 

As you do this, avoid anything that would be covered by a bathing suit. The two of you can decide how full coverage or skimpy said suit is. 

Wait to take their bits into your mouth

Once you have them warmed up, begin to tease their genitals. Let your hands, hair, and lips brush it but don’t linger. When and only when they’re flushed, panting, and literally or figuratively begging for it, take their bits in your mouth

Have them practice experiencing orgasm more quickly

If part of the problem is they take a long time to experience orgasm, it may help to have them practice experiencing orgasm more quickly. If they typically masturbate without lubrication or by rubbing against a rough surface, those might be impacting their ability to experience orgasms in other, gentler, and wetter ways. A mindful masturbation challenge could help. 

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