9 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life When You Live Together

Its a truth universally acknowledged that living together impacts your sex life. From being stuck in a rut to “bed death,” to feeling turned off by your partner’s habit of clipping their toenails in the kitchen, to forsaking privacy for efficiency (if you’ve ever brushed your teeth while your partner poops: we’re talking about you), there are a lot of factors that can lead to boredom and turn off. 

Thankfully that doesn’t have to be the case. With a little intention and some fun but practical actions, you can create a more pleasure-filled sex life and relationship. Here are 9 ideas to spice up your sex life when you live together. 

Know Yourself Better

Discovering your patterns, habits, and tendencies isn’t always the most fun process; however, deeper knowledge of yourself allows you to not only work towards accepting yourself but also show up with more compassion and love in your relationship. Here are four relationship tests that increase intimacy.

Know What Turns You On

There are two approaches to the role that intimacy—closeness, connection—plays in a sex life.

One theory says that intimacy is the enemy of sexual desire. That you need adventure, mystery, and distance to get turned on.

The other theory says that intimacy is the key to desire. That you need to turn towards each other, deepening and getting closer.

Which is right? Neither. And Both. What it really comes down to is the context that turns you on

Not sure what that means for you? Most people need these three general things. Want to get more specific? There’s a meditation for that!

Share Fantasies Together

Some fun ways to do this are through dirty talk and role play. Both can be easier, sexier, and less silly than you think.

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