A Different Kind of Love Story

You’ve heard me say again and again that you and your honey are the only ones who can define what a “perfect” relationship looks like for you.

You may not know that I don’t just preach this, I live it.

You see, when my beau and I met as teens on a cruise no one expected us to last.

Our parents figured it was a summer fling. College friends just knew we’d fall prey to the freshman “turkey drop” breakup, and early on we decided never to let our relationship stop us from chasing our dreams — not exactly the “typical” formula for relationship success.

Over 11 years later — after college, study abroad, grad school, unemployment, an eating disorder and almost a decade of long-distance love — we’re still proving everyone wrong.

I thank the shooting star we saw on the night we met…

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Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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