8 Ideas to Add Romance to Your Relationship

Have you ever been to Sedona, AZ? Its quite a magical place as I discovered last week. I spent most of the week in utter awe of the beauty surrounding me and still miss seeing the mountains upon waking every morning. The beau and I slept in, hiked, drank local wine + beer, and ate delicious food. More importantly, though, we savored our time together.

We started the trip with a long talk about our relationship. I won’t lie: this was really frickin’ uncomfortable. Don’t think I ever forget it when I preach the importance of communicating well in your relationship. These conversations aren’t the easiest thing to do but can lead to a deeper connection. That was the case for us. We both felt heard, even if we didn’t or couldn’t fully understand the other person’s perspective. Side note: I don’t think two people can ever fully understand one another unless they’ve lived completely identical lives (which again doesn’t happen).

The week ended up being incredibly rich in lessons about relationship, romance, and sex. I shared much of what I learned over on Instagram which is quickly becoming my new favorite social media platform. In other words  if you’re looking for ideas on how to make your relationships stronger, along with sometimes ridiculous photos, you should follow me there.

Without further ado: lessons to add romance to your relationship from Sedona, AZ.

Your Partner in Passion,



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