Adult Toys 102: Other Great Sex Toy Materials

Last week you learned all about the wonders of silicone. Thankfully, silicone isn’t the only safe sex toy material out there. So what happens if you want something different? That’s what I’ll be answering for you today.

Before I do that, however, I want to tackle the elephant in the room: cost. In the world of adult toys, perhaps more so than an in any other market, you really do get what you pay for. Therefore, toys made out of high end materials like silicone and the ones I discuss below are more expensive. However, they last a whole helluva lot long, have lots of benefits and are often rechargeable (read: no more buying batteries).

In other words, high end toys truly give you the most bang for your buck.

They’re an investment–like a quality haircut or designer shoes/bags/clothes or fancy vacations–but they’re a worthy one that will bring you years of pleasure and satisfaction. oooooolala!

Alright so what other materials are PbK-approved? Check it out below! Like silicone, all of these materials are body safe,  non-porous, and can be sterilized in boiling water.

1) Glass. This is the material the freaks people out the most. Why? They’re afraid it’ll break on them. Good news glass toys will not shatter. If you were at one of my workshops , I would hit the glass dildo I show against a table (or the floor – I’m fine improvising!) to show you that these are strong toys. Ok, so what’s the fun of glass? It holds temperature. Pop it in the freezer for some icy fun perhaps accompanied by a warm hand or mouth. Or heat it up (but don’t burn yourself…unless that’s the goal) and have fun. Oh and they’re so pretty. See? <–that one even has g-spot stimulation. #winwin

2) Hard Plastic. If you want a toy that’s a bit more *ahem* rigid, then hard plastic may be a good fit. While silicone toys are solid, they can have a bit of that flexy, cushy feel. Toys made of hard plastic also tend to be less expensive. In other words, they’re good for exploring exactly what you like in a toy before investing in something more long-term. This is the one I recommend, which also happens to be a great first-timer’s toy! Note:please make sure your toy doesn’t have any seams except where you would put the batteries in (aka the part that doesn’t actually go inside you). Seams = breeding ground for all sorts of nasties like bacteria.

3) Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Lastly, metal! Stainless steel is preferable since some people can have less than happy reactions to aluminum. Metal lends itself to some serious temperature play minus the fear of breakage that you might have for the glass. They also make for some seriously beautiful centerpieces and useful paperweights. Many people also love the super smooth feel of these toys. This one is a longterm fan favorite.

And with that, our tutorial on toys is done…for now! You never know when I’ll be inspired to share Adult Toys 201! 😉

Do you know someone who is deciding what kind of toy to buy? Be sure to share this post. They’ll thank you and so will I.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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