Aphrodisiac Essential Oils to Boost your Libido

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Most of what impacts your libido has little to do with desire itself. Instead it has to do with things like your body image and self-esteem; your stress level and how you manage it; how much trust and affection you have for your partner; and, how you spend your time and energy. This holistic approach makes addressing low libido more complex. It also creates long lasting change so that you keep your happily-ever-after. One of my favorite tools for doing this are aphrodisiac essential oils. 

Read on to see which oils are best for your boosting your libido and how to use them.

4 Essential Oils to Set the Mood

For most womxn, the ideal context for intimate, exciting, & fulfilling sex is low stress, high trust, & explicitly erotic. These oils help make that a reality.

You can diffuse these oils, blend them into a massage cream, or put a drop on your hands and inhale deeply.

  1. Aligning is the perfect preparation oil. It stimulates the emotional parts of your brain to help you both relax and feel more confident and courageous. Use it all day to keep your stress down or right before you saunter into the bedroom – especially if you are trying something new – to help your inner siren come out.
  2. The first time that I tried Love, I was having a day. I hated what I saw in the mirror. My inner mean girl was all, “You’re a stupid worthless piece of shit.” And so on. I desperately diffused some while showering. Within minutes my anxiety ebbed and I dismissing my inner mean girl, thanking her for trying to protect me. 
  3. You could say that I’m dependent on Sweet Oasis. Since I already dedicated an entire blog post to it, I’ll be brief here. With Copaiba, Cedarwood, Lime, Lavender, and Balsam of Peru, this oil calms your heart and helps you release emotional pain and invite peace in. AMEN.
  4. Tranquility – with a name like that, do you need me to say more?! Ok I will! This blend has so many uses! Use it sleep more deeply, enhance your meditation practice (great for de-stressing), or to relax during a massage. Plus it promotes patience which let’s be real is the true key to an intimate, exciting, & fulfilling relationship.

4 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils to Get Turned On

Any one of these aphrodisiac essential oils will get you in the mood. How do you choose which one to use? Go with whichever scent you and your beau like the most OR blend any two to create a signature Get It On blend.

The best way to use these aphrodisiac essential oils is to mix them with a carrier oil and then rub them on your inner thighs, from knee to leg crease (avoid your genitals). Then, let the scent work it’s magic.

  1. Ylang Ylang is floraly AF – and a traditional aphrodisiac (it’s flowers were often spread over beds on wedding nights). Specifically, this oil increases your feelings of affection and happiness while calming you down.
  2. Cypress has a woodsy, herbaceous scent. It increases blood flow and encourages peace, harmony, and serenity.
  3. Clary Sage is more musky and herbal. It boosts estrogen, helping you feel more turned on and get wetter.
  4. Orange is obviously citrusy. It’s happy, joyful, and energizing and helps you unwind and find joy. If you’re into the chakras, it helps open your sacral one aka the one in your pelvis aka your center of creativity, pleasure, and sensuality.

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