Ask Kait: The Best Hands-Free Vibrators

Rachael asks,

I’m curious about the Eva II. I’ve read the reviews and they’re mixed about it staying in place, and I get very wet. What are your thoughts? Is there something similar that is a hands-free clitoral stimulator?


I went directly to my friends at Dame for their perspective. Because Eva II is such a unique toy, they’ve compiled fit tips from users and creators to help every body enjoy this hands-free clitoral vibrator. 

One of the tips explains how Eva fits every vulva differently. Placing it when it’s not vibrating may help you figure out the best placement, whether that’s between your inner or outer labia. Dame also suggests trying Eva alone first, adjusting how far apart your legs are, and even flipping Eva. 

I love this page because every vulva is a little different, so figuring out what works for you is a very individual journey. Plus one of the best ways to avoid getting stuck in a rut with your toys is to use them in a variety of ways.  

Regarding your propensity for wetness, Dame says,

“Lubricant is often used to enhance the sensation of a vibrator, but friction plays a part in how Eva’s wing’s stay in place. Avoid getting excessive lube on Eva’s wings.”

I hope this information helps you get a sense of whether Eva is a good toy option for you. Keep in mind that Dame offers a 60 day, no questions asked return policy if you want to give Eva a run before deciding.

As to the second part of your question, YES, there are other options for a hands-free, clitoral stimulator. 

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