#AskKait: Is sexual orientation fluid?

Mary asks:

Is it normal to enjoy hetero sex even if you feel like you might be more attracted to women?

Hey Mary!

I am so glad you asked this question! I hear this conflation of sexual behaviors and sexual attraction from counseling clients and workshop attendees all the time. 

Society teaches that the types of sex you have as well as who you make whoopie with determine your sexual identity and/or to whom you’re attracted. In reality, sexual attraction, behavior, and identity are three separate components of sexual orientation. Sometimes they align in expected ways. Increasingly—as it becomes safer and more acceptable for people to love and fuck whoever they want—they don’t.

All of that is to say that YES, enjoying hetero sex even if you feel more attracted to women is totally normal. 

Breaking down sexual orientation

Sexual orientation often gets distilled down to “who you’re attracted to.” Most sexuality educators take a more holistic approach, defining it as a person’s emotional, physical, and/or sexual attraction. 

This definition allows people to have multiple identities related to the different types of attraction. For example, someone could identify as asexual—having little or no sexual attraction to others—and biromantic: being romantically attracted to people of multiple genders. 

Furthermore, sexual orientation can be broken into three components:

  1. Attraction: who you desire
  2. Behaviors: what you do sexually, both in terms of who you’re sexual with and the sex acts you do
  3. Self-identification: what you call yourself

Lest you think this approach is some new, millennial creation, this breakdown has been used by public health professionals since at least the start of the AIDS epidemic. Instead of talking about gay men and HIV transmission, we say “men who have sex with men (MSM).” While there’s a crossover between men who identify as gay and those who have sex with men, it’s not 100 percent aligned. 

People generally think these—self-identification and behavior—match up. And while they often do, there are many reasons why they wouldn’t. Any time they don’t match, identity “wins.” You and only you get to determine how you identify, regardless of what you do or who you lust after.

Thinking about sexual orientation in this way allows for a much more expansive approach to sex, as well as oodles of acceptance. Under this model, it’s normal to be more attracted to women and also enjoy sex with people with penises and/or enjoy penis-in-vagina intercourse (PIV).

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