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Here are some bonus tips, resources, and a special Gift to help your journey to finding freedom in pleasure.

Freedom in pleasure is about sex & so much more.

It’s a mindset, a revolution, and a lifestyle.

Because pleasure is revolutionary…

Leaning into your pleasure means letting go of internalized BS, self-judgement, and all the damn shoulds.

Choosing pleasure says, “I matter. I deserve this. I am enough.” Because: you do.

…and powerful.

The desire to experience pleasure drives most of our decisions, from sex to food to work to our healthcare.

Pleasure is not the cherry on top—it’s vital for life. When we embrace pleasure instead of demonize it, we can harness its power, heal our shame around the things that bring us pleasure, and open up to those in our lives.

Freedom in pleasure is about what goes down in the bedroom…

It’s about your orgasm, sexual partner(s), relationship structure, desires and expectations, concerns about TTC or TTA, the positions, toys, and tools you use, etc.

It’s about figuring out and saying yes to the things that bring you pleasure, and no to the things that drain you or hold you back from your desires.

Embodying freedom in pleasure means letting go of the BS societal narratives around what your sex life “should” look like. It means not being overly concerned with how often you have sex, the type of sex you have, or even experiencing orgasm. Instead you check in with yourself and your partner(s): Are you satisfied?

…and out.

It’s also your stress levels, body image, your feelings, how you feel about your feelings, that situation at work, your health, and all of those things that make up who you are.

Those go into the bedroom with you too.

Freedom in pleasure means focusing on pleasure even in the challenging moments. Because all pleasure is interconnected. And when we seek it in one part of our lives, it makes it easier to experience in all parts.

It doesn’t mean you never get jealous or stuck in comparison. It means that more often than not, you let go of the shoulds and you recognize that comparison happens—and you’ll get through it and back to enjoying your intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life.

Use your own sex life to create a more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling one

Science tells us that much of what impacts your sex life has nothing to do with sex itself. From feelin’ yourself to feeling connected to your beau(s), the context in which you have sex plays a big role in determining how good it is.

You know your body and experience best. That means you can use past sexy times to discover what works and doesn’t for you. We put together our two best-selling products, created over the last 10 years with loads of client feedback, into a special bundle just for the BB Insider Community.

Because you shouldn’t HAVE to do counseling to get the support you need. These tools make the same practices + support available to everyone.

Introducing: the Better Sex Bundle

This bundle combines two of our best selling digital tools to help you reduce stress, add newness and variety to your sex life, and have more fun, connection and pleasure—no matter what else is going on in your life.


Use code BBInsider at checkout to get the So…You Think You’ve Tried It All? desire checklist for free.

This Bundles includes:

  • So…You Think You’ve Tried It All? Desire Inventory: A Yes/No/Maybe list to help you discover and uncover what you really, really want in the bedroom and inspire new ideas for those times when sex has gotten ho-hum.
  • Meditate Your Way to Better Sex: Reflecting on past sexual experience gives you insight into having more pleasurable experiences going forward.  This guided meditation will help you figure out exactly what you need to have the intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life you crave. 
  • Create the Right Context Workbook: You figured out what you need, now what? The workbook moves you from thinking to doing by guiding you through the reflection process. You’ll also create a step-by-step action plan that’s completely customized to you—your desires, you likes, your dislikes—to release your sexual shame and insecurity and feel confident, open, and free. (This is the companion workbook to Meditate Your Way to Better Sex)

Finding freedom in pleasure doesn’t have to take over your life.

You don’t have the time or energy to spend an hour or more a day on sex or pleasure—and that’s ok! We created this bundle to fit into your beautifully full life.

Use code BBInsider at checkout to get the So…You Think You’ve Tried It All? desire checklist for free.

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