What’s the Best Birth Control for Me?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What’s the best birth control for me?” We live in a time when there are so many contraceptive options.

On one hand, having options is great!

It allows you to choose the best method for you No matter your lifestyle, feelings about artificial hormones, or other personal preferences, there’s a birth control option for you. Plus, if one method doesn’t work, you can try something different.

On the other hand, too many options leads to overwhelm

Your co-workers love their IUDs. Cousin Lily had an awful time with the implant. Your bestie swears by the pill. And your sibling relies on condoms. Everyone thinks their preferred method is the best!

Choosing the best birth control for you is like finding the right sex toy: there’s no single right answer. While hearing about others’ experiences gives you IRL perspectives, ultimately you get to figure out what works best for you.

Here’s some ideas to select the best birth control for you

This overwhelm, and the need for personalized choice, is why I was so excited to chat with Her Radio about your current options.

In this interview I share:

  • questions to ask yourself when choosing a contraceptive method
  • resources to get additional information
  • the different hormonal and hormone-free options*

Plus I share a surprising stat about the number of unplanned pregnancies still happening in the US.

Take a listen below. Content warning: gender binary and essentialism; conflating sex and gender.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time before we could chat about even more juicy topics like…

  • the many reasons behind the high rate of unplanned pregnancy (lack of access to healthcare plays a huge role)
  • why couples in committed relationships use condoms (lots of reasons!)
  • how hormonal birth control can impact your sex life
  • the rise of fertility tracking apps that make fertility awareness methods less fringe and more effective (Clue is our fave)

Your birth control method only has to work for you

And, no one else!

*For a complete list of birth control options, including pros/cons and personal stories, check out our friends at Bedsider.

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