We Heard You! Results from Our 2020 Visioning Survey

Recently, we invited the PbK community (that’s you! 👋🏻) to participate in our first annual Visioning Survey. And hell yes: you told us what you really, really want! We’re so grateful for all the incredible feedback and questions we’ve received. …

What are the best sex positions for people with vulvas?

Anonymous asks:

What are the best sex positions for people with vulvas?


I’m so grateful you asked this question because it’s a conversation that comes up frequently in my workshops and counseling practice. My response is always the same:…

Ask Kait: The Best Hands-Free Vibrators

Rachael asks,

I’m curious about the Eva II. I’ve read the reviews and they’re mixed about it staying in place, and I get very wet. What are your thoughts? Is there something similar that is a hands-free clitoral stimulator?

Lingerie for Every Body

Anonymous asks

Can you share a roundup of lingerie that won’t make me feel ridiculous?


I’m a big believer in adorning yourself in things that bring you pleasure. Lingerie is one way to do that, showing yourself love with …

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