WTF is “real” sex anyway?

Close your eyes for a moment, and think back to one of your favorite, most pleasurable sexy times/sex experiences. When and where was it? What else was going on in your life? How were you feeling, physically and emotionally? Were …

13 Ways to Help Them Last Longer in Bed

At every workshop I’ve taught over the last decade, someone has asked a version of this question:

What do I do if he comes too quickly?

It’s usually paired with other questions about helping their partner last longer and reaching …

How to Get Your Partner to Talk During Sex

Anonymous asks:

What are some ways to get your partner to talk to you during sex?

Hey Anonymous—

I don’t think you meant it like this, but the term “get” stuck out to me. We never want to “get” our …

Male Sexual Desire is More Complex than You Think

Jokes abound about the relative simplicity of cis men’s sex drives. How many of us have heard some version of, “Men are like microwaves while women are like slow cookers”? In addition to excluding LGBTQ+ individuals, statements like this shame …

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