5 Steamy Romances to Keep the Summer Heat Going

Romance novels are powerful tools.

Can they be formulaic, tropey, and unsurprising? Sure, but that’s what makes them so fun. Does the quality of writing vary? Yes, as with any genre. Does the genre persist, retaining a large chunk of …

PbK’s Favorite Sex Toys to Travel With

Summer is synonymous with travel—and that means vacation sex! Whether you’re getting it on solo, indulging your fantasies with your favorite partner(s), or seeking a summer fling, here are our favorite toys to satisfy your every desire.

The Basics

No …

11 Tips for Fighting Fairly with Your Partner

One of the most challenging relationship myths I’ve had to unlearn is that fighting is inherently bad for a relationship.

Growing up, I heard all about how my parents never fought before the divorce. It was a point of pride, …

Are you having enough sex?

There’s one thing every one of my clients and every potential client has in common: they think they aren’t having enough sex. Sometimes they tell me they’re having sex several times each week. Other times, that number drops to a …

Easy Ways to Add Adventure to Your Relationship

Curiosity and exploration are the foundation of an intimate, exciting, & fulfilling sex life that lasts. Broadly, that means finding ways to add adventure to your relationship and sexy times. Practically, it means always asking, “What else?!” For example:

  • What else feels
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