How to have sex when you’re home for the holidays

The holidays are officially in full swing, and for many that means staying with family. Hallmark, Lifetime, and Netflix tell us this is sheer bliss: delicious food, lots of presents, and endless love. These movies leave out several crucial pieces …

Sexy Holiday Gifts

The holidays are here and that means time for shopping! Whether or not gift giving is your or your beau’s love language, gifts are always one way to say I love you. And these gifts? They also help you …

How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Partner

Anonymous asks:

I’ve been wanting to share my sex toy with my boyfriend, but I’m not sure how, as I had previously told him I never used toys, which at the time was the case. How can I bring it

Sex Toys for Your Sun Sign

My interest in all things “woo woo” began young: my mom took me for my first tarot reading in middle school. Since then, my dedication to the woo has waxed and waned, and blended with my background in neuroscience, public …

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