3 Easy Ways to Care for Your Luxury Sex Toys

3 Easy Ways to Care for Your Luxury Sex Toys | Passion by Kait

One of the best things about luxury sex toys is that they’re easy to take care of. No need to worry about batteries or only having one way to clean them. That being said: you do need to take care of them. Luxury sex toys are an investment so you want them to last basically forever.

There are simple things you can do to make your toys last longer.

Never thought about taking care of your sex toys before? I don’t blame you! You buy a toy because of the pleasure it brings you. So what can you do to help your luxury sex toys work better and last longer? Here are three easy things.

Charge your luxury vibrators faster.

Many of the newer vibes are rechargeable. This is amazing because you never again need to worry about stealing batteries from the TV remote or smoke alarm!

Some vibrators have regular wall chargers. This makes them pretty self explanatory: just plug into the wall, attach to the vibe, and done.

Others have USB chargers. You could plug this into your computer but as my client pointed out, this takes for-evah. Instead, use your smartphone or tablet charger. Or, if you find yourself with a collection of toys and tablets and phones and FitBits and smart watches (oh my!) consider getting a multi-port USB charger like this one.

A final note: as often as possible, charge your vibe’s battery all the way and use it until it dies. This helps the battery maintain its oomph for as long as possible. Most vibes have an indicator light. Not sure how to tell if yours is fully charged? Check the manual or send me an email.

Cleaning your toys might not be fun but its important.

Cleaning your sex toys might be the least fun but most important thing you do with them. It helps your toys last longer and helps make sure you don’t get any infections.

Both the vagina and the booty have a balance of good and bad bacteria. You want to keep that balance to avoid things like yeast infections and UTIs. That’s why using the right cleansers for your toys is important: it cleanses them completely but doesn’t leave any residue like soap tends to (think: soap scum in your shower).

Clean your luxury sex toys, the right way.

Because many luxury sex toys are made of non-porous materials (like these and these), you have options to clean them!

  • Toy cleanser. I personally love the Intimate Organics Foaming Tea Tree Oil Cleanser. Like foaming hand soap, it last a long time. Plus tea tree oil naturally disinfects your toy. For those nights when you’re too *ahem* satisfied to get up and go to a sink, there’s S+HE AfterGlow Cleansing Wipes. They’re lint- and fragrance-free so they won’t leave anything on your toys that could irritate you on the next use.
    Sexpert Tip: avoid cleansers with triclosan. Its bad for your, your bits, the environment, and the world (can you say antibiotic resistance?).
  • The boil method. If you have a luxury sex toy that is not a vibrator, you drop use boiling water to clean it. You have two options here. One: put the toy in a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Two: place the toy in a metal strainer in a pot of boiling water. Let it boil for 3-5 minutes. The five minute limit is super important so set a timer! This is great for anal toys, menstrual cups, and kegel balls. For glass and metal toys, check the toy manual or send me an email since every one is a little different.

So when should you clean your toys? When you take it out of the box (because: factories). And before and after using it.

Now let’s be real for a moment: sometimes just want to get get on with your bad self. So I won’t hold it against you if you don’t clean the toy before using it. But that makes storing the toy even more important to keep out bacteria and lint.

Keep your luxury sex toys lint-free and hidden (if you want).

The third easy way to make your luxury sex toys last and last is to store them well. A lot of companies send you a bag with the toy. This is great-use it!

If your toy didn’t come with a bag, look for something lint-free. This makes sure you don’t get fuzzles inside of your and helps keep bacteria out. I love the Devine Drawstring Bag because its bigger on the inside (yes, like the Tardis). You can actually stash 3-5 toys. Have an even bigger collection? Check out the Playchest.

The benefit of sex toy storage is that it keeps them organized and hidden. If you have kids, pets, nosy roommates/neighbors/in-laws, this is priceless.

Taking care of your luxury sex toys might seem silly…but it’s not.

When you invest in a luxury sex toy, it’s worth taking care of, just like you would any other fancy item. I like to compare luxury sex toys to designer hand bags. They all come with instructions and a storage bag. You don’t have to do what they say but if you do, you get to enjoy them for longer.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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