9 Tips for Giving Oral Without Tiring Out Your Jaw

Anonymous asks:

How do I give oral without hurting my jaw?

Hey Anonymous—

Ah, the age old question. 

Of course, everyone’s anatomy and tolerance levels are different. Without knowing your specific details—what position you typically give oral in, the tingly …

AskKait: Why was sex better when I was single?

Anonymous asks:

“Now that I’m in a committed relationship with the man of my dreams, why isn’t the sex as good as when I was single? The marriage bed should be better than a truck-bed fling.”


I totally hear …

Spit or Swallow? Settling the Debate.

Anonymous asks:

Should you swallow after giving head?


Do you want to, whether because you enjoy it or because it turns you on to give your partner pleasure? If so, then go for it. If not—which I’m guessing might …

Random Sexy Goodness: Coronavirus Edition

How are you? No, really. The last week has been a lot and there’s a collective trauma response happening right now. 

Pleasure has never been more important.

No, it can’t cure anything. But it does make an untenable situation bearable. …

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