Debunking Sex Myths in 50 Shades Freed

Photo of a person in gray underear with their wrists tied behind their back with a grey tie. Dark green writing on a white box says "what you need to know about butt plugs, getting turned on, and why you shouldn't put ice cream near the vagina. | Debunking Sex Myths in 50 Shades Freed | Passion by Kait

50 Shades Freed was the worst movie of the trilogy.

The Good

As with 50 Shades Darker, the cinematography was stunning. I especially loved the opening montage of their wedding and honeymoon. It was all sorts of cutesy and coupley. Jamie Dornan sings and he’s pretty good. We get to see lots of his chiseled body. Dakota’s face continues to be utter perfection and she even stands up for herself many times in this one. HUZZAH

The Bad

Content warning: mention of abusive behaviors

Their entire fucking relationship is a lesson in domestic violence. Worried about the baby “taking his place”? Forcing her to change her name, including professionally? Using sex as revenge? Butt stuff without preparation?

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Hollywood Reporter has a great review that ties into #MeToo. I highly recommend giving it a read for more context and thorough analysis.

The Boring

The sex. More missionary with him pumping in and out and mostly ignoring her clitoris. Some sex toys. Double penetration with a butt plug. Ice cream that almost ends up where it shouldn’t. *shrugs* At least the first movie aroused me.

The so-called plot. Honestly these movies were about conventionally pretty people having lots of sex. Fine. I like watching that. Couldn’t we combine all three into one? As long as James Foley directed, it would have been decent. Instead we suffered through a trilogy.

So in celebration of the end of the franchise that made BDSM mainstream and, more importantly, in the spirit of helping you have more intimate, exciting, & fulfilling sex, here’s what you need to know about butt plugs, keeping your vagina healthy, and getting turned on.

Products in the Video:

Ditto – vibrating butt plug
Bootie – non-vibrating butt plug
Njoy Pure Plug – seen in the movie

And since I mention lube being a good idea, here are my recommendations for anal play:

Silicone –  use with fingers, penises, and non-silicone sex toys
Water-based – use with silicone sex toys, including the two plugs I mention above

Kait xo

One thought on “Debunking Sex Myths in 50 Shades Freed

  1. My friends and clients got an ear-full of my complaints about the Shades trilogy even before Hollywood got ‘hold of them, so when the movies came out — eek gadz! Yes, I applaud Erika Mitchell for easing the conversation of BDSM towards the mainstream, but it’s hard not to shout “but, it’s FICTION” every time I hear someone applauding the franchise. Thank you, thank you, thank you for restoring my sanity and sharing your vast wealth of knowledge; as always, you’re the BEST!

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