Essential Oils for Sexual Arousal Recipes

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When it comes to essential oils for sexual arousal, you have lots of options. Most websites highlight floral oils like Ylang Ylang, Rose, and Jasmine. There’s nothing wrong with those if you and your beau enjoy such scents. But what if you don’t? Or you don’t want to shell out the $$$ for these pricier options?

These recipes are for you! They give you all the benefits of the typical romantic and aphrodisiac oils while having a brighter, more herbal scent. And if you prefer those florals? Sub one in for the Cypress or Orange.

Like with sex toys, there’s no single “best” blend of essential oils for sexual arousal – it’s the balance of which oils have properties that turn you on and which ones you like.

Benefits of These Essential Oils for Sexual Arousal

Clary Sage

Clary Sage helps you feel more frisky and open to receiving – aka exactly the mood you want to be in before getting it on! It’s long been used as both an aphrodisiac and to help with PMS and menstrual cramps as it boosts estrogen levels, which is vital for arousal  – no it’s not just testosterone! – and drop to their lowest point leading up to and during your period.

As for how it smells, Clary Sage is a middle note – not too floral or earthy but rather a little musky and herbal. That means it’s great for mixing with bright, citrus-oils as well as sweet floral ones.


Cypress stimulates blood flow and blood flow is vital for physical arousal (not ot be confused with subjective arousal aka wanting to want it, which happens in your brain). In addition, it encourages peace and harmony.

Like Clary Sage , Cypress is a middle note although it’s more bit woodsy and evergreen.


Orange helps you feel happy, optimistic, and energetic. Need I say more? Ok I will! It basically helps you chill the fuck out, stay present, and have fun. All of these benefits help create a context for sex that most people find ideal. 

If you believe in chakras, orange also is the color of your sacral chakra aka the one in your tingly bits that’s associated with pleasure and sensuality. It smells like you and your to-do list went on vacation and mixes great with florals and equalizers – aka the other two oils in this blend!


Adapted from Lucy Libido Says: There’s an Oil for THAT which I do NOT recommend due to the cis- and heteronormativity and associated shaming; dangerous recommendations; and, the fact that it’s basically a book-length ad for the oil company she works with. Recipes adapted with the help of Using Essential Oils Safely.

See end of recipe for notes.

Turn Me On Linen Spray

Add 24 drops of clary sage and 12 drops each of cypress and orange to a 4 oz glass spray bottle. Fill the rest with a hydrosol, vodka, or water. Shake vigorously before use to disperse the oils and spray in the air and on your sheets.

Turn Me On Thigh Roller

Add 2 drops of clary sage and one drop each of cypress and orange to a 10ml glass roller bottle. Fill the rest with a carrier oil – I like Apricot Oil because it’ll make your skin feel super soft and absorbs quickly. Roll up your inner thighs from your knees to your pantyline and then just under your belly button. Don’t put it on your tingly bits.

Turn Me On Massage Lotion

Mix 12 drops of clary sage and 6 drops each of cypress and orange to a 2 oz bottle with lotion. I personally like this hand & body cream since it’s lightweight and has just three ingredients: shea butter, olive oil, & sunflower oil. Use the lotion for a targeted or all-over body massage – just avoid the genitals!

Recipe Notes

  1. Each recipe features a 2% dilution rate – the standard for regular use by adults – calculated for the size bottle listed. If you’re using a different bottle size, adjust accordingly.
  2. If you are sensitive or immunocompromised like me, I recommend a 1% dilution rate – just cut the number of drops in half for the same size bottle.
  3. All of these oils are safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Kait xo

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