6 Best Vibrators: My Favorite External Vibrators

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It’s once again Masturbation May and in honor of that I’m excited to share with you my favorite external vibrators!

“Clitoral vibrator” is a misnomer –  they’re way more versatile!

I hate the term “clitoral vibrator” because it only describes one of their many uses. Plus, it ignores that fact that many folks without a clitoris can (and do) use them.

External vibes are so versatile! You can use them on your clit, absolutely. And also anywhere else on your body that you crave some new, different, and/or more sensation. In fact, wand vibrators were supposedly designed to be used as back massagers…though I don’t think anyone really believes that. 😂 You generally can’t use these vibes inside your booty or vagina – otherwise the options are limitless!

In the video below I share a few of the best ways to use these vibes. You also learn:

  • One key feature that helps you find the perfect external vibe for you
  • Why I was scared to make this post
  • My three favorite external vibrators

Products Featured in this Video

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Touch – this toy will top my lists I’m pretty sure forever! The Touch is my go-to vibe. I 💜 it’s versatility, quietness, & strength. Use the tapered tip for more pin-point stimulation or the broad end for more general stimulation.

Limon– I held onto my POS $10 vibe for too long because of its dial control. Then I found Limon! It puts you incomplete control by responding to your touch. The more you squeeze, the more it vibrates. Plus you can set & record patterns.

Iconic Wand: Most wand vibes are too heavy but not this one.The Iconic Wand is easy to hold & not too top-heavy. It has stronger vibrations than others on this list but not so strong that it hurts or needs to be used over fabric to be pleasurable.

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Other Top External Vibrators

I may only use a handful of vibes but there are tons of options to choose from. Here are some other industry favorites.

Womanizer PRO40: Instead of vibrating, The Womanizer  delivers “pressurized air pulses”. It isn’t quite a suction but rather air being pushed out. This model is the best bang for your buck – at $99, it’s relatively affordable, completely rechargeable & waterproof, with lots of power & up/down control buttons & an ergonomic handle.

Tango: my friend and colleague Dena says, “I love how small/discreet yet powerful it is. I can literally slip it into my makeup pouch and bring it along with me on dates.” The Tango is personally too strong for me to use without triggering nerve pain in my hands but I do adore using it with the sleeves you get in the Pleasure Mate Collection!

Uma – while *technically* a g-spot vibrator, it works great as an external vibe too. The curve of g-spot vibrators helps you reach your clitoris more easily and Uma is one of my top ones! It’s rounded tip gives broader stimulation while it’s narrow body, like The Touch, makes it super easy to use solo or with a partner.

External vibes provide the stimulation most people with vulvas need to experience orgasm.

At least 70% of us need clitoral stimulation to climax and these toys provide just that, and a whole lot more! Plus, their generally small size & non-phallic shape makes them convenient for travelling, and easy & unintimidating to use during partner sex (especially with partners who feel threatened by them).

Which vibrators do you love and why?

Kait xo

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