Random Sexy Goodness: Female orgasm, feminist porn, & more.

Have you ever noticed that when women come together, we’re unstoppable?

When we set aside the cattiness and competition that the Real Housewives, Bachelor, and society puts on us, we’re lift each other up and set each other free. The Spice Girls would be so damn proud.

I’m lucky to have many of my long-admired sheroes and other kick-ass women in my life. And you are too! Because they’re doing amazing things to help you find more#freedominpleasure. From sexy dance classes to empowering erotica to blog posts on relationships that’ll make you nod so hard your neck hurts.

In honor of the Fall, you their best tips on everything from self-love to healing from shame. So seriously: let’s hear it for the girls.

PbK Favorites List, 4.0

1) Nadia Munla is my latest girl crush. She’s a health & sensuality coach who supports you in rekindling your love affair with pleasure, with your body and with healthy living. She also hosts Pleasure Playground dance parties (yes parties, not classes) where you get to explore, play, and be set free through uninhibited, un-choreographed dance. In other words she’s kick-ass and I think you’ll adore her too.

2) A great way to explore what you like is through erotica and porn. There are some fabulous sites featuring videos made with us ladies in mind. Think interesting plots, beautiful scenery, and (more) realistic bodies. My personal fave is XConfessions by Erika Lust. Every month she creates videos inspired by viewer-submitted stories. If you feel daring, why not send in a story of your own? Update June 2020: Due to allegations of assault on set, we no longer support Lust films. You can see our updated list of our favorite feminist porn sites here.

3) There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the big O. What do they really feel like? And what the heck actually goes on when you have one?! Teen Vogue tells you 5 things to know about the female orgasm.

4) If you’ve ever been bullied for wearing ‘sexy’ clothes, having a particularly curvy figure, desiring sex, being sexually assaulted or having one or more sexual partners, you know how shitty “slut” shaming feels. My friend August gives you tips on how to heal from the sex-shaming, abuse, and other BS we all deal with.

5) Cuddling is so damn good for you, body, mind, and spirit. O’Actually gives you three reasons to get your cuddle on…or make the case to your sweetie that YES you need to cuddle more. While you’re there, check out their sexy stories, images, and videos focused on enhancing and stimulating women’s sexual pleasure.

6) Wondering if you’re sex drive is normal or if you’re having the right amount of sex? My friend Dawn says you’re asking the wrong question. Here’s a better one to ask instead.

7) Since this list is all about the lady love, I want to end with this amazing quote.

Feeling extra sappy tonight (and not just because I’m indulging my inner fangirl and rewatching #OUAT). Though this quote was probably intended for romantic love I read it as a manifesto for self-love. Because it starts there really. Loving others, seeing the best in everyone, and making relationships last starts with you & your relationship to yourself. May your inner voice be kinder so your outer voice can be too. May you judge yourself less so too you are gentler on others. May you see the beauty in yourself so you can also see it in others. It starts with you: the work you out into yourself AND your relationship. PS Don’t get me wrong: loving yourself 100%, all the time isn’t really possible. Same for your partner and friends and family. BUT it’s working towards that, day in and day out. PPS 📷 via @racheldealto

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