Finding freedom in pleasure with Plan B One-Step

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In August 2017, I took my last birth control pill after 13 years of being on it. It was a moment years in the making. I worked with a women’s health practitioner who specializes in a symptothermal fertility awareness method (FAM). Talked to friends who had made a similar choice. Checked in with my healthcare team. Had a Big Scary Talk with my beau about what this would mean for our sex life—specifically, adding condoms back in since FAM isn’t as reliable as other methods, especially right after you come off hormonal contraception. And purchased Plan B One-Step® (Plan B) for use as a backup method if a condom should fail.

Interested in learning more about FAM and who it’s appropriate for? Check out what Planned Parenthood has to say.

While I haven’t had to use Plan B (yet), I’m so grateful it’s available.

I’m one of the many women turning to FAM to avoid pregnancy. I’m neither sure I want kids nor certain I can have them with my health conditions. That’s why having Plan B on-hand was—and still is—so important to me.

Plan B—more commonly known as “the morning after pill”—is emergency contraception that helps prevent pregnancy BEFORE it begins. It is not an abortifacient or an abortion pill. You need to take it within 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex or birth control failure. The sooner, the better.

My cycle isn’t regular yet, which means I can’t track when I’m fertile or not with total accuracy. That’s just another reason the beau and I use condoms. One hasn’t broken so far, but let’s be real: the likelihood of it happening at one point in the future is high (condoms have a 13-15% failure rate).

One of my core desired feelings is freedom and Plan B gives me that.

I love the freedom that comes from knowing I can get Plan B without a prescription or ID in the family planning or sexual health section of any major retailer like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and Target. I feel free knowing that even if it’s not in the aisle, I can ask the pharmacist and they cannot demand I need a prescription or show my ID.

Purchasing Plan B was as easy as enjoying ice cream on a hot summer’s day.

I was already at the store to pick up some other items. Some protein bars, shampoo—the usual. After grabbing tampons, I looked for lube, figuring I’d find Plan B nearby. While that wasn’t the case, this CVS knew its customers well and made sure we knew where to look with adequate signage in the aisle.

This other aisle sign definitely elicited eye rolls—how is lube not a “personal intimacy” product?! I found Plan B with the condoms (seriously, why weren’t these with the lube?!) and other sexual health items. There were plenty on the shelf.

For me and my partner, Plan B embodies freedom.

It means we can enjoy sex more, because we aren’t worried about what happens if something goes wrong. Because, let’s be real: life happens. You miss a pill, or the condom breaks—you get the idea

Plan B has your back.

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