3 Reasons Sex Toys Spice Up the Bedroom

3 Reasons Sex Toys Spice Up the Bedroom - Spice It Up | Passion by Kait

You know using sex toys can spice up the bedroom. Maybe you’ve even tried a few, perhaps with lackluster results. But you still have lots of questions about them. You wonder:

The short answers are lots of reasons, no, yes, it’s complicated, and mostly.

Let’s start by tackling question #1: why you should use sex toys. Or, in other words, how do sex toys spice up your relationship? Here are three fantastic ways.

3 Reasons Sex Toys Spice Up the Bedroom

  1. They help you figure out what you like. Everyone’s body responds differently to motion, pressure, direction, etc. And this can change over time…so toys let you keep exploring!  Whether on your own or with a partner, toys let you explore what really gets you going. Do you like quick flicks or slow strokes. Hard or soft pressure? Circular or up-and-down movement? Toys let you try new things out with no pressure. After all, if it isn’t working for you, just switch it up!
  2. Toys take certain positions from ‘oh yes’ to ‘OMG YES’. Use them to make your favorite position (you know the one you love but is feeling a bit boring) more exciting. Or to get the pleasure you need from a position that’s just ‘meh’ for you. This is extra true for positions like doggy style where the clit isn’t getting as much action.
  3. They increase sexual satisfaction. Plain and simple, toys help you orgasm. People with vulvas who use them are about three times as likely to climax than those who don’t. Why? Because toys stimulate your most sensitive parts (think: the clitoris and g-spot) I don’t know about you, but I love those numbers! This also means that toys help you get all the benefits of the big O, things like stress relief, healthier skin, comfort in your body, better sleep, more intimacy, and more.

Sex toys add variety, playfulness, and satisfaction.

And when you’ve been with your sweetie for a while, there’s nothing you want more.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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