3 Fun Sex Ideas to Try Tonight

3 Fun Sex Ideas - Ways to Spice Up Sex Life | Passion by Kait

If you’ve been with your partner for any length of time, you know it can get hard to think up new fun sex ideas. In fact, this is how things in the bedroom tend to go:

    Stage 1: Go at it like rabbits. Seriously – there’s so much sexy time.
    Stage 2: Finishing the movie actually seems like a good idea. Seriously – you want to see how it ends!
    Stage 3: You’ve got this sex thing down. You go left while your sweetie goes down. Seriously – it’s practically scripted.
    Stage 4: The sex is still good but…it’s definitely time to try out some new, fun sex ideas.

Even great sex can start to feel like a routine.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together days, weeks, or years. Over time couples develop sexual scripts or routines. You might have one or you might have 10. Either way, you sometimes miss those lust-filled days at the beginning of your relationship when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

Your sex life isn’t boring but you want to spice things up.

Now don’t get me wrong: boring sex – sex that’s routine and predictable but still pleasurable – can be awesome. It requires a level of intimacy with your partner. It’s comforting to know what happens next and what role you need to play. And it’s empowering to know exactly how what turns you and your sweetie on and what gets you there.

Sometimes you want passion.

You want adventure and satisfaction and fun sex ideas!  And you want it tonight (or this weekend). Maybe something sexy happened during your day to inspire it. Or lately you’ve just been craving something new. Either way, you don’t have time to learn something new or wait for your sex toys to come in.

Adventurous sex doesn’t have to involve tons of bells and whistles.

Long-term changes to your sex life takes time and practice. Craving something different like right now? You can have that too.These three tips are hot but totally doable (pun intended) ways to spice things up, no practice needed.

3 Fun Sex Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship Tonight

      1. Do it somewhere new. This can mean anywhere from a hotel room to the living room to your car. Anything that breaks your routine actually activates the creative side of your brain. This means you feel things more deeply, including desire and pleasure. That’s why vacation or hotel sex is so amazing…well that and the fact that you don’t have to clean up or worry about the neighbors. No need to actually get out of the house–staycation sex in the living room, floor, kitchen, or laundry room can be just as fun.
      2. Focus on foreplay…only. Most women need 20-40 minutes of foreplay to get fully aroused. And when I say “fully arouse” I mean blood is flowing to your genitals, you’re clit is hard (because they do that, just like a penis does!), and you need IT right now. Instead of going from foreplay to sex intercourse, make foreplay the main event. Do everything but. Not only will you rediscover your favorite sexy past times. Think outercourse, make-out sessions, and second base. Bonus: you’ll be in the mood for more later. And by later I mean round two, the next night, or next week.
      3. Change your speed. Love slow, tantric sex? Have a quickie. Get it on between when your sweetie and the kids get home? Take time to tease and explore. Go hard where you normally go soft and be gentle where you’re normally rough. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re with a different lover! Except one who already knows exactly what to do. It’s like your own smutty novel come to life.

Go do it tonight!

No matter how long you’ve been with your sweetie, these fun sex ideas can add a new level of intimacy, adventure, and satisfaction.

Your Partner in Passion,


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