Gratitude and Success Stories

Here’s what previous clients have to say about working with our founder, Kait…

We have the best intimate relationship we’ve had in our marriage.

I have worked with a few mental health therapists in the past and I never found one that I could truly be open with. I wanted someone who I could be authentic and honest without feeling that I’d disappointed them. I loved how easy it was to open up and talk to you, and how much you understood me and what I needed. You were willing to go as deep and slowly as needed to make sure we dealt with the blocks I had that were keeping me from living a passionate and adventurous life.

You have helped me so much! My sex life is awesome now!! My husband and I communicate, are intimate, and have great sex regularly…all things I wondered if we’d ever have together. Aside from the passion, my life is so much richer and more fulfilling, and filled with much-needed self-care and love.

Camille C.

I feel more enlightened and confident about my sex life.

Kait did an amazing job answering ALL my questions and providing a customized session that was informative and enjoyable. She recommended not just products but also actions and ideas to enhance my sex life. I most enjoyed her advice on communicating what I want and need to my partner.
I’d recommend Kait to any woman looking to have an absolute blast while learning from an extremely professional, intelligent, and warm woman.

Katrina L.

I recommend Kait to anyone and everyone who has questions about their sexuality and their intimate relationships.

Kait is GREAT and has AMAZING insight! I loved how knowledgeable AND approachable our conversations were! You’ll feel like you’re chatting with a friend (who’s very intelligent)! 

The results I achieved from working with her include getting into my body more during intimacy and engaging many senses—aka more pleasure!! The Spark Plan is the best because I have the resources and her gems of feedback to always reference. 

I appreciated our work together and I’m looking forward to continuing!

Emily F.

The skills we gained while working with Kait are applicable to any relationship.

Though I was hesitant because I found Kait through nontraditional methods (social media) and was unable to use insurance, I decided to look at her counseling as an investment in my marriage. 

Before working with Kait, my partner and I were stuck in a cycle that wasn’t working for either of us. We had seen other counselors and read at least 2-3 books on the topic but none of them approached our situation in a way that allowed us to understand what was happening before looking for solutions. 

Kait gave us tools for understanding our issues so that we could approach them in constructive ways. While there was a specific problem we resolved, the tools we gained while working with Kait are useful in our everyday communication. I also discovered a ton about myself.

I absolutely would recommend Kait. She is kind, thoughtful, & understanding but will also challenge you to go deeper. 

Tatiana and Brian

You will walk away from counselling knowing that you don’t need to pretend to have certain desires, kinks, or abilities to feel sexy.

Initially I was concerned that two thirty-minute calls per month wouldn’t be enough for us to really work through things. But because we focused so much, it ended up being plenty of time.

Kait made me feel like I could make the decisions that were scary (but that I knew in my gut were the right ones for me) and that I would have a true ally. I became able to recognize and affirm the concrete ways in which my relationship was not working for me, and felt empowered to talk about those issues with my then partner, and, ultimately, end the relationship.  And, my definition of sex has blown open where it used to make me feel pressured and “deficient.” Now I know that whatever turns me on, without effort and without worry, is extremely sexy!

I would recommend Kait’s counselling and workshops to any woman who is feeling confused and demeaned by society’s limited (not just limited – singular) definition of sex. Thank you!

Natalie M.

Since working with Kait, I have found it much easier to connect physically with my husband.

Before working with Kait, I didn’t feel confident enough to initiate things or sexy enough to put myself out there and let myself really feel desired. My husband and I had moved closer to family and were being pulled in a million different directions. We were having less sex, and weren’t as affectionate, flirty, and playful with each other.

Kait approached these issues with warmth and openness. She was so understanding, and gave me wonderful tips and tools I was excited to try out! It really has been great and has been spreading into a more often and satisfying intercourse routine! I also have been taking the time to treat myself and appreciate myself. It has really been helping with my self-esteem and self-acceptance.

The very best thing though is that I have been initiating more conversations about sex with my partner, desires, fantasies, past experiences, etc.. I have found better ways to talk to him about how I need my body to be touched—both feelings of safety and what I like sexually! And that is really awesome.

Charissa F.

We ABSOLUTELY recommend Kait.

Initially we were skeptical about doing counselling. Our expectation was that it would be a waste of time, and that no one could effectively get to understand and help us in a few session. 

Kait proved this expectation wrong. She listened and made us both feel heard. She was able to quickly digest what our primary issues were and effectively get us to work on them jointly.  As a result, our communication has improved tremendously, along with our ability and willingness to discuss our sexual wants and needs. We see any struggles that arise as a “we” issue rather than the other person’s issue.  


Carl & Lorna

I finally have the courage to speak up about what I like and don’t!

Before our sessions, I was nervous that I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing such intimate things. But Kait is super easy to dish to and makes the process painless. It’s like talking to a friend…but a really nice, non-judgy one!

The tips Kait gave me to work through my struggles boosted my sexual confidence and helped my husband and I get out of a rut. I feel less alone, less shameful, and more liberated.

Amanda H.

I’m beginning to think there is nothing wrong with me —we just live in a fast paced world that teaches women to think that.

I had no hesitations about working with you, especially after receiving the sweetest gift to begin our work together. I loved that you are a walking resource and you know your shit!!! You welcome any and all questions. It’s hard work but you hold people accountable and are clear on what matters. I’d recommend you to anyone who wants more sexual freedom and has a ton of sex / body questions.

I’m WAY more comfortable touching myself and taking time to mindfully masturbate. I’m playing around more sexually with sex both with my partner and without. I’m focusing more on sensations and pleasure during sex. I’m communicating way more about sex. I’m also much more aware of how my life and my sex life are ridiculously connected.  I’m excited about continuing to improve my relationship with myself. 

Sarah F.

I feel more confident and affirmed on the decisions I am making. 

Kait creates a safe space and is extremely easy and open to talk to. What I liked best was the way she speaks calmly and with an appreciative, acknowledging tone.  It made me feel that I was on the right path and more confident in the work I was doing to get through a breakup. Thanks to working with Kait, I have an easier time opening up and being vulnerable with people.

Thank you for the help!

Amanda Y.

Your aura is hugs.

You radiate joy and acceptance, and it makes such a comfortable space.


Just thank you!

It was great to work with you and I feel really good about where I am right now. I have a much clearer understanding of what I want in my romantic life, now and longer-term. I expanded my horizons about what a relationship can look and feel like.

You’re non-judgmental, a really great listener, and know how to guide me to my own decisions with helpful professional input. And your positive energy was great. Even if I didn’t already know you I would have felt comfortable sharing with you and felt supported by you! I’d recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for guidance and resources in the sex, love, and relationships part of their lives.

Emily J.

Kait is the only person that I considered working with to host something like this!

She was super organized and friendly. Her rockstar quality was how she presented the information. Her matter-of-fact, straightforward talk about topics that can be uncomfortable for some made opening up to share so much easier!

The workshop opened up genuine conversations amongst our group that continued even after Kait left, which was pretty amazing to experience—especially with many of us not being ‘close’ friends. 

Kait’s workshop was the perfect way to spend the evening of the bachelorette party. It would also be super fun to host one of them with my close girlfriends!

Sarah W.

The Thinking Women’s Sex Educator.

Kait’s ability to connect with others about the pain and pleasures of sex is grounded in a true depth of knowledge. What I love about Kait is her commitment to challenging norms and unrealistic expectations, instead seeking freedom in pleasure.

Jillian Foster

What an amazing fun evening we had with Kait at our workshop!

My friends and I loved how warm, cool, and knowledgable she was, and how she fit in just like one of the girls—except she was the one schooling us and answering all our questions about our bodies, foreplay, and women’x sexuality in general! Thank you Kait for a great evening!


I had a blast!

Kait impressed me from the very first email interaction. She is thorough, respectful, patient, knowledgeable, honest, down-to-earth, and fun. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable. I feel really enlightened, empowered, and excited. I would definitely recommend Kait.

Juliana C.

Kait is wonderful!

Very knowledgeable and she made me feel super comfortable.

Michelle L.
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