Everything You Need to Know about Giving a Rim Job

Pop culture depictions of sex are notoriously inaccurate. From rom coms to 50 Shades, they create unrealistic expectations about how sex happens. The upside? These scenes get people talking. This is certainly true for the cringeworthy analingus scene in Girls.

Though rim jobs—also known as analingus, rimming, eating ass, and tossing salad—have long been the butt of jokes (pun intended) this sex act is beloved by many. Here’s everything you need to know to give (or get) a rim job.

What is rimming?

Rimming is using one’s mouth and tongue to lick, nibble, and otherwise pleasure someone’s booty, especially the anal opening. It’s oral sex for the back door.

Does rimming feel good?

Yup—for many people, but not everyone, rimming is a source of pleasure. Your pudendal nerve—the nerve that goes to the clitoris and tip of the penis—also runs through your anus, with most of the nerve endings close to the opening. Stimulating these with your mouth and tongue, provides a lot of fun sensations, just like other forms of oral sex.

There’s also the fact that the taboo surrounding analingus makes it a really intimate activity and lets you and your beau connect on a deeper level.

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