#askKait: How to Stop Comparing Your Sex Life to Others’

KM asks:

How do you avoid comparing your sex life with others’ (especially friends’)?

Several months back, I told my business strategist how I struggled with professional jealousy. I’d recently unfollowed some colleague-friends on social media, whose feeds I’d  find myself scrolling through, seething, at 1 am. My strategist suggested I read this Dear Sugar column, which she summed up by saying: “You just choose to stop.”

I rolled my eyes, laughed, and, a few days later, read the article. I rolled my eyes the whole time. But…a seed had been planted. Despite my resistance, whenever my green eyed monster roared, I’d remember the column and remind myself that I could choose differently.

So KM, I’m going to pass along the same (paraphrased) wisdom:

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