The Science-Backed Key to Better Sex

The Science-Backed Key to Better Sex | Passion by Kait

I’m absolutely loving Instagram Stories (follow me at @PassionbyKait!) as a way to share quick, fun, & of course practical tips to find #freedominpleasure. This week? The science-backed key to better sex!

You’ve been lied to.

So much of what you’re told will improve your sex life isn’t correct. It’s not completely wrong but it’s also not the whole truth. The key to better sex isn’t only a stronger vibrator, the right sex position, or even the perfect-for-you stroke.

The key to better sex has nothing to do with sex.

Before you click away, think about this: nothing we do exists in a vacuum. Take eating. You mostly eat because you’re hungry. But sometimes you eat because you’re stressed, sad, angry, happy, excited, etc!

What you experience when it comes to sex is the same. In other words: it’s as influenced by what’s going on in your life as what goes down between the sheets.

[Tweet: “Your sex life’s as influenced by what’s going on in your life as what goes down between the sheets.”]

So what’s the true, science-backed key to better sex?

Check out my answer in the short (and awkwardly cropped but hallelujah my hair still looks amazing) video.

Note: this is an adult conversation (obvi) so there’s the possibility of adult language. 

You’re going to hear a shit ton more about this concept over the next several weeks.

Want more keys to better sex?

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Kait xo

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