Love Yourself, Today and Always

Happy post-Valentine’s Day! I hope you found joy in the day regardless of your relationship status. Want to know why? Because you were all my Valentine’s. And because you are worthy of all the love in the world…simply because you’re you.

Don’t believe me? Let me soul sister and fellow Diva Hillary convince you.

As some of you know, about this time last year I decided to take a leap and do some life + business coaching. I felt terrified. I knew people in my life would disapprove of me investing in myself in this way. More importantly though, I knew that it was time.

You see at this time last year I felt stuck and scared and resentful. I was battling the combination of a broken heart and a broken body. Though I had thought about coaching, I always told myself it wasn’t worth the investment. Then Hillary and I chatted for the first time…and let’s just say it was the best first date ever. In fact, I can still remember where I was when I said yes to me. At that point, nothing anyone said could convince me otherwise.

Since the end of my coaching, interestingly enough on the night before my big move to Baltimore, I continue to follow Hillary’s work closely. I check in on Facebook and Twitter and read her posts every week. This one, however, felt especially relevant, both in light of the season <– as she calls it, “love month” and some personal struggles I’m facing right now. So I decided to something a little different today and share her work with you.

What’s so special about this post? Hillary wants us to give ourselves permission to love and accept ourselves…just as we are. Basically, she asks us to fall in love…with ourselves…all over again.

Pretty awesome, right?

So check out the post, take the steps, and let me know what you think. Because I promise you this: she’s legit. Her stuff works and many of my successes over the past year are a testament to that.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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