Random Sexy Goodness 7: Masturbation myths, missionary position tips, & more.

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Regardless of what holiday(s) you celebrate, this time of year is stressful. Whether it’s travel, family, or the never ending office treats that’s got you down, by the end of this most wonderful time of year, you’re exhausted.

So whether you’re spending several hours in a train, plane or automobile or you’re just in need of something juicy to read, grab a cuppa, a snuggly blanket, pet, or partner, and curl up with these eight stories. From masturbation myths to New Year’s resolutions, butterbeer to body love this collection of random sexy goodness is sure to lift your spirits and soothe your soul.

1) It’s Time to Get the Facts Straight About Female Masturbation: You already know masturbation is good for you (including being a fantastic stress reliever hint hint) and that it’s not selfish. Still, it remains a taboo topic, shrouded in mystery and myth. This article sets the record straight, once and for all.

2) A Muggle’s Quest for the Perfect Mug of (Alcoholic) Butterbeer: Because it’s the holidays and the casting for the upcoming HP play got released this week and…butterbeer (yum!).

3) 6 Ways You May Be Body Shaming Without Realizing It: Shaming yourself or others feels just plain icky. My friend August says it best: “Criticizing comments may seem like no big deal, but they can cut deep, contributing to larger cultural problems that affect us all. When we judge and shame others for their aesthetics, we make the world a harsher place—for everyone, but women, especially.” For more on self-love, check out these posts.

4) That Fit Person Who’s ‘Got It All Together’…Doesn’t. Take It From Us: Everyone Else is Struggling Too: As the season of diets New Year’s Resolutions comes upon us, this is such a good reminder that a) no one’s got it all together, b) small changes can have a big impact, and c) celebrating every victory, no matter how small or “inconsequential,” is key to successful, long-term change. In fitness, sex, relationships, or life.

5) 7 Tips for Missionary: The Sex Position with Endless Options: It only has to be boring if you want it to.

6) Just Got Diagnosed with an STI? Don’t Panic – Here’s How to Deal: Despite what your parents, health teacher, and popular media told you, getting an STI is neither rare nor the end of the world. Yes: it’s still scary. Yes: it changes your sex life. Yes: you will be okay! You can still date, have sex, and be healthy – this article tells you how.

7) JimmyJane Iconic Wand Review: Before the Rabbit there was the wand. The classic vibe has been around for a long time (like before the toaster oven) and started as an all-over body massager. Newer versions are cord-free, lighter weight, and easier to hold. This one is my fave. It’s perfect if you want to break out of a toy rut or use something that feels good all over the body (seriously – try it on your shoulders!).

8) Master These Two Words for Better Sex and A Healthier Relationship: Talking about sex with your SO is hard enough. These two words radically change how you go about doing that! I could quote this whole thing for you but instead I’ll just highlight this: “The stronger your boundaries are, the more space you have to play. So, get clear on what you do and don’t want and then ask for those things.”

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