The Secret to Having More Desire

The Secret to Having More Sexual Desire | Passion by Kait

You went to the toy party (or browsed online). You bought the perfect sex toy for you. You know using toys:

  1. Adds pleasure
  2. Keeps your sex life exciting
  3. Increases overall sexual satisfaction

But you’re never in the mood to use them.

This problem is all too common. We’re taught that sexual desire comes first and sex follows. That happens…sometimes. For some people. It’s called “spontaneous desire”, and it’s more common in people with penises.

However, there’s another type of sexual desire out there. It’s more common among people with vulvas. Most importantly, it’s completely healthy, normal, and natural.

Introducing: Responsive Desire

Responsive desire is when you get in the mood after sexy things start to happen.

So maybe sex is great once you get into it but it’s the getting into it that’s tough for you. Or perhaps you find that you want sex more after watching a sexy TV show or movie or reading erotica.

If so – you’ve experienced responsive sexual desire! There’s nothing wrong with you, you just have to shift the way you think about sex.

Click here 16 ways to have great sex with responsive desire.


Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo


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