Fun Sex Ideas: Mutual Masturbation

I discovered mutual masturbation early in my sex life. While watching my beau finish, I found myself getting turned on again, so I grabbed a toy and did the same.

I didn’t know the act had a technical name. I did, however, assume everyone enjoyed it—until I started teaching sex education. I’d mention mutual masturbation only to be met with, “what’s that?” and “wait that’s a thing?!” In the years since, it’s become my favorite “sex hack” to teach the womxn* and couples I work with.

In honor of International Masturbation Month, here’s everything you need to know about mutual masturbation.

Mutual Masturbation is Self-Pleasuring, Together

Don’t you love when things are exactly what they sound like? I do! You touch yourself, your beau does the same, and voila. Of course, you can make it more complicated than that (keep reading!) but at its core, that’s it!

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