My Favorite Day Date

My Favorite Day Date - Why You Should Date Your Partner | Passion by Kait

I’m a huge believer in regular dates being the best antidote to comfy relationship h-e-l-l. It can be a day date or at night, simple or extravagant.

It’s about making time for you & your honey to focus on each other.

So often this intimacy disappears as your number of anniversaries gets higher. With careers, friends, social media, and staying healthy, it can feel like there’s no time for just the two of you! In truth – you have to make it a relationship priority. Talk about it, make a plan, and schedule that shiz. Do whatever you need to make sure the dates happen.

Dates are a great time to go on a new adventure.

Trying new things or simply mixing up your routine activates the creative parts of your brain and helps you feel closer and more connected to your sweetie. Even something as simple as switching which side of the bed you sleep on can do this!

While that’s a grand idea, I’m pretty married to my sleeping setup! So dates are my preferred way of adventuring.

Go on! Explore a different area. Try a new activity, restaurant, or cuisine. Set up a sex lab.

A day date is a great low key, lower-cost alternative.

Don’t get me wrong – I love getting all done up and going to a fancy cocktail bar and restaurant. Or doing dinner and a show. But it’s not always possible for our budget or our schedules.

Because I tend to work nights and some weekends, the beau and I are a huge fan of daytime dates. Sometimes that means meeting for an hour on his lunch break to stroll Chelsea Market or eat on the Highline. Other times, it’s an art gallery or happy hour, followed by cooking dinner at home.

I love all of our day dates, but one in particular is my favorite.

My Favorite Day Date

Birthday date selfie!

My favorite day date is actually a formula. It’s…

  • Simple
  • Totally customizable
  • Easy to turn into an adventure

Plus you can enjoy it in an hour or let it take up your whole day.

What is this magical combo?

Brunch. Walk. Nap.

(And yes – I really mean nap. Although sexy time is encouraged before or after too!)

“Brunch” can mean grabbing a bagel sandwich from the closest bodega or coffee shop or it can be a get-dressed-up-and-day-drink type of affair.

A “walk” can be around the block or through a totally new part of town.

And “napping” can be a cat nap or lazing in bed cuddling for the entire afternoon.

That’s it! Mix it up as often as you like or rely on it as a template for when you’re out of new ideas. You never know where this day date may take you.

In the comments tell me – what’s your favorite way to spend time with your honey?

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Day Date

  1. Just had a day date on Monday as my hubby was off. We did a long cycle to downtown and had lunch then cycled home- farther than we’ve ever cycled on the pathway so it was a fun adventure.

    1. Yay for Monday dates! And I love that you had a little adventure and pushed yourselves to do something you never did before. Kudos! xo

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