Need a Reason to Celebrate? Here’s 5 for My Passion-versary!

This week’s theme is favorites. Like last week’s video? My hands down favorite one ever. And August? Its my second fave month out of the year. Why? Because its my Passion-versary and I love any reason to celebrate.

For the record, April is #1 because of my bday.

In honor of this big month, I want to share my favorite ways to celebrate. I invite you to join me by choosing whichever one sounds the most fun to you.

5 Ways to Celebrate the PbK Way

1) Get it on! I mean, you knew this was coming, right? When you’re celebrating, though, let the honoree be the center of attention. Spend extra time doing that thing they love. Maybe even indulge in one of their fantasies.

2) Chocolate. Not just any chocolate. No I’m talking the kind that causes your eyes to drift close and moans to slip past your lips…just by smelling it. Oh yes, this is sensual decadence to the max.

3) Good food, good drinks, good people. There is nothing like a gourmet meal with perfectly paired wine and great company. Its just classic.

4) Indulging in something out of the ordinary. I’ve been wanting to feel a bit more feminine lately so this week I treated myself to tinted lip gloss. It felt like a total splurge even though I only spent a few bucks. It was such an out-of-the-ordinary move for me that one of my friends requested ‘photographic evidence’!

5) Sharing my abundance with others. As some of you know, I volunteer at a drop in center for victims of sexual violence. This week I helped one of the girl’s daughters with her homework. She loved reading together so much that I couldn’t help picking up a copy of one of my favorite books from childhood (Black Beauty) so we could read it together every week.

As always, thank you for travelling this journey with me. I can’t wait to see what year #5 brings.

Do you know someone who needs a reason to celebrate? Share this e-mail! They’ll thank you and so will I.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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