New Things to Try In Bed: Sensation Play

One of the most common sex issues in long-term relationships is that you fall into a rut. You know each other’s likes & dislikes so well that you get comfortable. There’s a certain beauty in this comfort, but it also has downsides: you become bored, have less sex, and maybe even stop having sex all together. The solution? Try new things, like sensation play.

Balance trying new things with your favourites

It’s totally unrealistic to say that every time you have sex you need to try something new. Your life is too beautifully full for that!! Plus trying new things takes more effort. You have to

Its more work, less pleasure—even if the experience is pleasurable.

Instead, choose one thing and spend time playing, exploring, and experimenting with it. OR make some tweaks to your favourite sex acts and positions. Do this anytime you start to feel bored, feel like your sex life has gotten ho-hum, or you’re struggling to keep things interesting and voila—more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex is yours!

All about sensation play.

Sensation play isn’t one technique or move! It encompasses whole bunch of sexy fun activities for you to try. Our favorite part? It’s easy to adapt no matter how vanilla or kinky you are.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What sensation play is
  • Things that can limit your enjoyment of it
  • Two things you need to do before trying it
  • 6 ways to enjoy sensation play
  • Some sex toys that help you enjoy this new sex act

Products featured in this video:

Sensation play is only limited by your imagination

The beauty of sensation play is that it isn’t only one thing. It’s anything and everything you can think of to enhance, deprive, stimulate, and otherwise play with your senses!

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