Notes on Body Image 2.0: 3 More Reasons You are #Beautiful

As some of you may know, last week was National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAw). Stats for EDs are similar to those of sexual violence: look around a room of people and assume at least a few of them have, had, or are in recovery from one. This issue is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons, including the beautiful survivors in my life as well as the lessons that one learns in recovery about body image and love.

One of my fave food bloggers always does a series of posts for NEDAw and her last one was so poetic and on-point that I wanted to share my favorite lessons. Since ya’ll loved my first post on body image, I figure it was time to return to this ever important and oh-so-relevant topic once again.

Click here for Gena’s full article. Please note: trigger warning for anyone experiencing or recovering from an eating disorder.

3 More Reasons You Body is Beautiful

1) It lets you to experience the world. “For all of the mind/body disconnect that emerged from my ED, I’m a sensual person, and I thank my lucky stars for the body that helps me to connect with physical experience.” Think of all the wonderful experiences your beautiful body lets you have: hugs, delicious food, beautiful music, crisp fall walks, lazy days at the beach, and so so much more.

2) It lets you connect- with yourself and others. “[…] at least once each day, there is a moment or an experience that makes me feel beautiful. Maybe it’s when I’m arching into a backbend in yoga. [..] Maybe it’s dancing with friends. Maybe it’s sex.These moments reveal my body’s beauty to me, not via a selfie or a ‘progress shot’ or a number on a scale. They show me that my body can be a gateway to something wonderful. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than that.” #whatshesaid

3) It isn’t perfect – and don’t have to be. “[…] your relationship with your body does not have to be neat and perfect and ordered. It can be messy, difficult, and complex. It can have ups and downs. It can feel like work. What matters is that you don’t turn away from the work, and that you establish routines that help you to treat your body with self-respect.” Almost everyone has days (and outfits) when they feel super sexy and awesome and those when they’re just blah. But its about recommitting to loving your body-to counter negative thoughts and get more comfortable in your own skin-day in and day out.

Know someone who could use a reminder that they’re beautiful? Share this post. They’ll thank you and so will I.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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