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Thank you for attending my All About Orgasm/Orgasm 101 workshop!

Below is a huge list of my top sex toys, books, and resources to help you have—and keep having—your best orgasms.

Many of the links are my affiliate links, which means I get a little 💰 if your purchase through that link. Like love, it doesn’t cost a thing, and I only recommend products I genuinely enjoy and have gotten great results with in my own sex life or with my clients.

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A recap of the workshop

Including clips and top takeaways: All About Orgasm recap


  • Njoy Pure Wand — great for g-spot stimulation as well as releasing tension in the vagina
  • Silicone lube — amazing for P in V sex. Enhances sensation so you feel every stroke, lick, sensation more and makes it easier to experience orgasm. Scent- and taste-less, condom-safe, and doesn’t need to be
  • Fin finger vibe — turns your beau’s hands into a vibrator! Use it to stimulate the clitoris – the easiest way for people with vulvas to experience orgasm in P in V.
  • Touch external vibe — discreet external toy that easily fits between your bodies in all sorts of positions. Use it on your clit or any other body part you want some extra stimulation.
  • Uma g-spot vibrator — perfectly curved to stimulate your g-spot OR extend you or your beau’s arm so your clit can be stimulated in positions like doggie style
  • Mio vibrating penis ring — turns a penis or dildo into a vibrator! Position it so that the vibrator stimulates the clitoris. Also helps people with penises last longer since experiencing orgasm during P in V can take time!
  • Bootie butt plug— great beginner’s butt plug. Wear it to feel fuller during other sexy time or to prep for bigger anal penetration. Pull it out right at orgasm for extra fireworks!
  • Sync rabbit vibe — wearable vibe that stimulates the g-spot and clitoris at the same time. Can be used during P in V to really get that stimulation you want and need.

Looking for another toy? Check out my favorite toys or browse all the toys.

  • Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski  — the bible for female arousal, desire, and orgasm. The orgasm meditation we did is inspired by some of the exercises in this book.

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