Passionate Monogamy Resources

Thank you so much for attending my passionate monogamy workshop! Here are some extra goodies to have more intimate, exciting, & fulfilling sex.

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Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Body

5 Journaling Pages to Feel More Sensual & Connected to Your Body
SImple Mindfulness Techniques for Better Sex

Communicate with Your Partner Better

5 Love Languages

3 Ways to Meet the Needs of Your ‘Physical Touch’ Partner

My #1 Way to Talk About Sex With Your Partner

5 Easy Ways To Talk to Your Partner About Sex

The Secret to Sharing Your Sex Fantasy (without feeling too awkward)

Arousal, Desire, & Orgasm

All About Getting Aroused

Arousal Non-Concordance
Even more on arousal, desire, and the science behind sex: Come As You Are

How to Get in the Mood – Fast

Do This for a Better Orgasm (all about edging)

9 Questions to Ask Yourself for the Best Orgasm (similar to the best sex exercise we do)

Can Women Think Their Way to a Better Orgasm?

The Secret To Finding Your G-Spot

5 Ways to Have a G-Spot Orgasm

How Common is It for a Woman to Be Multi-Orgasmic?

How He Can Last Longer During Sex

Dealing with Rejection

What to Do If You Try Something New In Bed & They Don’t Like It

Dealing with Rejection

Unavailability Isn’t the Same As Rejection

Dealing with Sex Drive Differences

Taking Yes For An Answer

Trying New Things

How to Create a Sex Lab and an example with the g-spot

Simple Ways to Spice Up the Bedroom

3 Ways to Use Sexual Fantasies for Better Sex

3 Fun Sex Ideas to Try Tonight

6 Reasons to Try Mutual Masturbation + How to Get Started

How to Be Intimate without Sex

Too Comfy In Your Relationship? Here’s what to do.

My Favorite Day Date

10 Ways to Make Sex Fun Again

Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

OMGyes – interactive tool to explore techniques that bring people with vulvas pleasure

4 Tips for Hot Doggy Style Sex

My favorite feminist Porn Site

Erotic Films

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