Our Favorite Sex Toys

Choosing a sex toy can be overwhelming – there are so many options! Plus, every body is different. What worked for your sibling, co-worker, or bestie may or may not be the right toy for you. However, learning about what others love (and hate) in their toys helps you find the perfect toy for you. To that end, here are my favorite sex toys plus why I love them. These are the goodies I reach for (and recommend) again and again—they aren’t necessarily the newest or the fanciest, but they work for me, my body, & my relationship (because they aren’t all just for me). Which is what really counts! ~PbK Founder, Kait Scalisi, MPH

3 Reasons We Love Sex Toys

  1. They help you figure out what you like. Everyone’s body responds differently to motion, pressure, direction, etc. And this can change over time…so toys let you keep exploring!  Whether on your own or with a partner, toys let you explore your desires. Do you like quick flicks or slow strokes? Hard or soft pressure? Circular or up-and-down movement? Toys let you try new things out with no pressure. After all, if it isn’t working for you, just switch it up!
  2. Sex toys take certain positions from ‘oh yes’ to ‘OMG YES’. Use them to make your favourite sex position (you know the one you love but is feeling a bit boring) more exciting. Or to get the pleasure you need from a position that’s just ‘meh’ for you. This is extra true for positions like doggy style where the clit isn’t getting as much action.
  3. They increase sexual satisfaction. Plain and simple, toys help you orgasm. People with vulvas who use them are about three times as likely to climax than those who don’t. Why? Because toys stimulate your most sensitive parts (think: the clitoris and g-spot) I don’t know about you, but I love those numbers! This also means that toys help you get all the benefits of the big O, things like stress relief, healthier skin, comfort in your body, better sleep, more intimacy, and more.

About This List

Your health is our #1 priority so all the sex toys on our list are made of body safe materials. They’re also all either water-resistant or waterproof, giving you more ways to play.

How to Use this List

We made it easy to treat yourself or your beau(s) – just click the name of the toy to shop. You’ll be taken to our partners’ page where you can learn more, browse other products, and complete your purchase. That’s it!

Massage Candle & Contour M Massager

Light the candle to set the mood and get your room smelling sexy. When it’s burned down, blow it out, pour it on, and rub it in with the massager. The “wax” isn’t wax but soybean oil so it won’t burn or leave residue on your skin, but it does make for the perfect sexy massage. Bonus: you can heat the stone up or cool it down to spice things up even more.

Arousal Oil

1-3 drops on the clitoris helps you get in the mood more quickly and have stronger, easier, more frequent orgasms. I <3 this one in particular because it uses cinnamon oil instead of menthol (which often burns) and comes in three different levels. Start with the Lite or Original and only try the Ultra if you’re regularly using 3 drops of the Original. Perfect for those nights when they’re in the mood and you aren’t ready yet or when you only have a few minutes to get it done (before work or the kids or whatever).

Shine Silicone

Lube prevents small tears in the vagina or anus and makes sex feel more yummy. Silicone lube lasts forevah and this is the one won’t stain your sheets or leave a weird film on your intimate. Use it for intercourse, handies, or in the shower. Just be mindful of using silicone lube with silicone sex toys—some of them don’t play well together!

Need lube to use with your favorite silicone sex toy? We recommend Shine Organic.


The perfect beginner’s toy. Small, powerful, and easy to use – there’s one button and a low battery indicator. Plus it’s size lets you stimulate your clitoris and vaginal opening at the same time. You can also use it on the labia, nipples, scrotum, penis, perineum (t’aint), or anywhere you want an extra stimulation.


It took me awhile to warm up to Pom but now I find myself reaching for it again and again! Soft where the Touch is firm, Pom is flexible enough to conform to your body and snuggle close to your vulva. It sits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and moves with you to deliver rumbly, targeted vibes exactly where you want them. My favorite part? You can go directly to the highest (or lowest) intensity with just one click, OR progress up one step at a time.


This vibe totally changed my self-pleasure for the better. I don’t always use it, but when I do, my orgasms are explosive. As its name suggests, squish is delightfully soft. It has a firm, textured tip for direct clitoral stimulation. Plus, you can play in Haptic mode-the more you squish it, the stronger the vibes.


Vibe is that rare toy that will blow your mind whether you use it internally or externally. It’s also a great size if you struggle with pelvic pain/painful intercourse. Use just the tip against your clitoris (or anywhere you want extra vibration), lay the vibe down the center line of your vulva, or insert it to stimulate those pleasure nerve endings that live only in the first third of the vagina. No matter how you use it, expect fast + powerful orgasms.


This finger toy turns your beau’s hands into a vibrator. That makes it perfect for all sorts of sexy time, from steamy makeouts to intercourse. Plus it’s super un-intimidating if your beau is anxious about using toys! Fin is also ergonomic, powerful, and small enough to fit between your bodies during all sorts of positions.


The perfect toy for G-spot beginners & experts alike! If you aren’t sure where exactly your spot is, the Uma’s broad, round tip will help you find it AND figure out which type of sensation works best for you. Already know? Said tip lets you experiment with different sensations, including a good amount of pressure. Bonus! Uma’s curve is perfect for clitoral stimulation as well and the toy is slim enough to fit between you during intercourse.

The Silk Collection

I started using these at the recommendation of my pelvic floor physical therapist (a home exercise program has never been so fun!). I soon became obsessed with using them while masturbating. I love how easy they are to thrust thanks to the big base, and how their curve perfectly hits my G-spot or A-spot.


Variety keeps your sex life intimate, exciting, and fulfilling – and the Rave offers it in spades. It’s asymmetrical design means that it doesn’t stimulate you evenly or even smoothly. Instead each thrust and twist gives you new sensations and keeps your arousal heightened. I can’t use this until I’m fully aroused but when I do…fans self…it leads to some of my most intense orgasms ever.

Vibrating Pelvic Wand

Managing pelvic pain isn’t the simplest task. Having tools that not only get the job done but also are fun to use infuses the experience with pleasure (and that means I’m more likely to stick with the habit). This Vibrating Pelvic Wand not only works but also has an accessible price point. Created by a pelvic floor physical therapist, it uses soothing vibration and ergonomic curves to relieve trigger points in the vagina and anus and improve circulation, helping you get and stay wet and be on your way to enjoying penetration once again.

Le Wand Petite

A fabulous all-over body massager. Easy to use and hold with powerful vibrations. When you’re ready for  more power or looking for less direct clitoral stimulation AND something that’s versatile, this is your friend.

3D Penis Masturbation Sleeve

A sleeve that looks like a piece of art? Um yes please. Use it to masturbate your sweetie or tuck it into their suitcase when they travel for work. Expert tip: right before they climax, hold the sleeve around the base of the penis with one hand and tug on the other end of the sleeve, near the tip, with the other. It’ll create a little suction that makes their orgasm amazing. And don’t forget the (water-based) lube.

Penis Buffer

This cute little device has given me part of my sex life back! Worn at the base of a penis or dildo, OhNut acts like a bumper, allowing you to explore comfortable penetration depths—during BJs, intercourse, dilator use, and more. It’s adjustable, with four stackable, linking rings. It makes deep positions like doggy style more comfortable. It helps you deep throat even if you have a bad gag reflex. It won’t solve all pelvic pain issues but it has been a powerful part of reclaiming different types of pleasure.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission if you purchase through us. It doesn’t cost you extra. We only work with and recommend products that align with our values! Thank you for supporting freedom in pleasure!

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