PbK’s Favorite Sex Toys to Travel With

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A previous version of this article sharing our favorite sex toys to travel with appeared in Blood + Milk.

Summer is synonymous with travel—and that means vacation sex! Whether you’re getting it on solo, indulging your fantasies with your favorite partner(s), or seeking a summer fling, here are our favorite toys to satisfy your every desire.

The Basics

No matter what type or how much vacation sex you plan on having, keep these staples on hand. They’ll not only ensure the sex feels yummy but also help you stay healthy and safe no matter how wild your adventures get.

The Travel Kit: Need to stock up on the basics? Craving frills-free-and-fabulous vacation sex? This is the kit for you. Featuring a 10-pack of our favorite condoms and 2 travel-sized bottles of lubricant (choose from water-based or silicone), throw it in your carry-on, and get busy.

Cleansing Tissues: The only thing more important than enjoying your toys is keeping them clean. Doing so not only maximizes the life of the toy but also reduces your risk of yeast infections and UTIs. Unfortunately, hotel soap isn’t known for being the gentlest. Toss these wipes in your bag to easily wipe down your toys between uses. Their gentle, body-safe ingredients get rid of the gunk and bacteria without leaving a residue.

The Best Sex Toys to Travel With

From wearables to vibes that do double duty, these are the best sex toys to travel with. The vibrators are waterproof and discreet, giving you lots of options to play, while the bondage toys double as functional accessories to save you space when packing.

Palma: Why pack a sex toy when you can wear one? Palma is a fashion-forward, discreet, and waterproof vibrating ring. With three speeds and two customizable modes that allow you to control the vibration with your hand movements, you can indulge all your fantasies and save yourself any awkward TSA run-ins.

Maze Handcuffs: Made of vegan leather, these elegant wrist cuffs are perfect for light bondage play—or accessorizing your favorite outfit in or outside of the bedroom.

Any butt toy from B-Vibe: Vacation is the perfect time to explore the back door. You’re relaxed and likely have more time than usual. Whether you’re new to anal play or it’s your favorite way to get it on, B-Vibe makes a toy for every ass. Start small and work your way up, enjoying plugs that vibrate, those that stimulate rimming, and those that simply give you that full feeling or prep you for anal intercourse. 

Touch: A long-time favorite, this discreet vibe is ultra-quiet but oh-so-powerful. Cup it in your palm for all sorts of sexy times, solo, partnered, or group without having to worry about disturbing your neighbors (or roommate). 

Moxie: This wearable, external vibrator lets you discreetly take the fun, rumbly vibrations with you wherever you go. It’s designed to be worn in your underwear, held in place by a slip-proof magnet and controlled by either wireless remote control or the We-Connect app. Try wearing it on your travel days to heat up the journey (just put it in after security if you’re flying!), in the pool or ocean for the sexiest swim of your life, or on a night out. Heck, you can even give it a try if you’re out shopping for essentials for the trailer, tent, or hotel room. 

Jane: Hate checking a bag but love having lots of options? The Jane has you covered. One end of the wand features a powerful but soft massager—perfect for sexy times andworking out those post-swim, hike, or other activity knots. The other side is a curved G-spot vibrator that’s also perfect for more direct external stimulation. Plus, at 6.3 inches long, it’s short enough to pack in your carry-on (the max is 7 inches). You can’t ask for much more in one toy.

Jett: Another “more bang for your buck” option. Designed for people with penises, Jett includes two bullet vibrators and a penis ring. The two vibrators have different frequencies, inviting you to use them separately or together to find the type of stimulation that’ll take you there. Use them on their own anywhere you want extra external stimulation or use them in the penis ring. The stretchy ring sits below the frenulum, one of the most pleasurable spots on the penis, and can be used whether flaccid or erect.

Satin Blindfold: Cover your eyes to block out the bright morning light or rediscover your senses during sex. Designed to contour the shape of the face for a snug fit, this satin eye mask will keep you in the dark…waiting, wanting, and begging for more! At 77” long, you can also use this as a sexy ribbon restraint.

Want to Bring Your Fave Vibe That’s Not On This List?

Here are a few helpful tips to make your trip easier.

  • Put your toys in clear plastic bags. If TSA searches your bag, they won’t touch anything. Ideally, store them individually.
  • Anything over seven inches is considered a club and needs to be checked.
  • Remove the batteries and activate a travel lock if your toy has it before packing the toy.
  • Don’t forget your chargers!
  • Remember the 3-1-1 rule for liquids in your carry-on. 
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