4 Easy Ways to Have Amazing Sex in the Morning

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For many people, sex before bed is the norm – it’s a way to connect and celebrate the end of another day and bonus! it helps you sleep better. Unfortunately, there are a lot of nuisances that prevent nighttime sex from happening: you’re tired, have a stomachache, got drunk at dinner, are on a different schedule than your sweetie, etc. Plus if you struggle with health issues, especially pain, they tend to flare up at night. That’s where sex in the morning comes in. Here’s how to have the best morning sex.

Why Morning Sex Rocks

Morning sex avoids most of these sexy time thieves. Even if you’re on different schedules, the person who’d normally sleep later can do that when you finish! Plus it has some unique perks that you don’t get at night.

  • You tend to be bit more relaxed than at the end of a [long, stressful, tiring, insert adjective here] day.
  • Its a gentle but super effective way to wake up – with some movement, a lot of connection, and a slow build up of energy.
  • Because you’re half asleep waking up while having sex, it’s easy to focus on how good each stroke, lick, kiss, and spank feels. Plus, every sensation is heightened because your brain isn’t there to eff things up.
  • You start your day on a positive note, which research shows can spill over into having a more productive + joy-filled day. #win

Morning sex lets you get out of your head and more fully into your body.

Despite this, sex in the morning also has some negatives. Obligations like work are knock knock knockin and create pressure. Oftentimes you’ve got morning breath + disheveled hair and the overall tone might not feel super sexy.

Thankfully, with a little minor prep, morning sex – whether long and leisurely or short and quick–can be totally doable.

Four Easy Ways to Have the Best Morning Sex

  1. Complete some “morning tasks” the night before. Think of this prep as foreplay – you’re setting the scene so sexy times can happen! Make breakfast (I <3 overnight oats), pack your lunch + work bag, and set out clothes, toiletries, keys, etc. The goal is to streamline your morning routine. This way you have the most amount of sexy time available + don’t have to worry about running a little longer because you had to look for your toothbrush.
  2. Prep for sex. This is round two of foreplay- getting your mind in the mood thinking about sex extra early. After all, your brain is our biggest sex organ! Put a mouthwash, empty glass, and hair brush on your nightstand. Place toys and props like candles and restraints within reach. Describe to your partner what you want to do or have done. Slip into some sexier-than-normal pjs. Prime your body and mind so you’ll dream about sex and wake up ready to go.
  3. Set your alarm (or your partner’s) a few minutes or more earlier. And for reals…don’t hit snooze darnit!
  4. Put someone in charge. This can either be the first person who wakes up or the one who is more likely to follow through. Be sure to discuss whether you want sexy time to slow and sensual rough and quick or somewhere in between. And remember – every sensation is heightened! So lazy kisses, soft caresses, and gentle massaging feels all the more powerful – but so do spanking, bondage, and other kinky activities.

Now is the perfect time to experiment with morning sex if you haven’t already. The tips might sound like a lot of prep but I promise – after doing it a few times, it’ll be easy peasy.

One last note –  morning masturbation is also amazing. If you wake up a few minutes before your alarm or follow steps 1-3, you’ll undoubtedly start your day off in a better mood.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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