Random Sexy Goodness: Coronavirus Edition

How are you? No, really. The last week has been a lot and there’s a collective trauma response happening right now. 

Pleasure has never been more important.

No, it can’t cure anything. But it does make an untenable situation bearable.

On top of that, experiencing pleasure reduces stress and anxiety and boosts our immune system—results that are very needed right now. So while jokes abound about stocking up on ice cream and chocolate (we have!), it’s an incredibly powerful and smart move to nourish all parts of yourself at this time. Wash your hands and give yourself orgasms; stock up on canned foods and chocolate; cry and dance.

This week, we’re going old school with a Random Sexy Goodness list: the COVID-19 Edition.

Here are the resources we’ve been returning to again and again.

This list of everyday pleasures that you can start incorporating immediately, whether or not you’re in isolation.

Our monthly women’s group—Coffee, Kegels, & Conversation—will be online. The time has changed slightly as we’ll go straight into programming versus needing time to make coffee and account for subway delays. 😉  😉​ Grab your ticket here.

This quarantine playlist (so witty!) that I’ve been shaking my ass to. 

This reflection on navigating uncertain times from a beloved friend.

Looking for a guaranteed happily ever after? I’m always updating my list of favorite romances

These everyday choices to help you stay safe AND connected.

These mental health tips for navigating quarantine without losing your mind.

Want a helping hand with your pleasure? Use code KAIT to save 10% on all adult toys & accessories from our shop.

Worried about being in tight quarters with your beau for an extended period of time? Me too! Here are some resources to support your sex life and relationship through these unprecedented times:

Lastly, my wait list​ for sex coaching & couple’s counseling is open. My practice has always been virtual—all sessions are done via phone so you can access the support you need on your schedule, from anywhere. Counseling is action-oriented, sex-positive, and focused on PLEASURE​. Click here to be added to the waitlist.

Let Yourself Feel

Whatever comes up for you, know that it is ok. Let yourself grieve, rage, panic, dance, orgasm, cry. Reach out to folx for support and remember that this too shall pass. 

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