Random Sexy Goodness – PbK Favorites, List 3

After three weeks of travelling, teaching, and learning, I’m back in my beloved NYC. And let me tell you – it feels fantastic! In honor of being in my favorite city, I’m sharing some of the best links I found this week.

As you may know, I get my sex geek on each week by writing a column on sexual health policy and news for a project called Sexual Health Rankings. Between researching for that and staying up-to-date on the latest sex research, info, and fun tidbits, I find a lot of random sexy goodness each week. Some I share on social media, while others I reserve for my semi-annual Favorites List.

I’ve got some fabulous picks for you this week so lets get to it shall we?

The PbK Favorites List 3.0

  1. Amber Krzys invites you stop thinking you’re body isn’t enough.
  2. This Instagram account, involving hot dads and Disnelyand, is bound to be your new favorite.
  3. Are you or someone you love a single parent? A new study shows kids don’t hamper sex lives like was once thought. That’s #freedominpleasure if I ever saw it.
  4. Considering broadening your sexual horizon by attending sex party? Unsure about the etiquette? Life on the Swingset has you covered with some guidelines. Listen to this one with the headphones in if you’ve got little ones around or are at work.
  5. If you’ve ever wondered why and how an orgasm happens, this post explains it all.
  6. Autumn! In case this post didn’t make it clear, I’m adoring the cooler temps and the excuse to slip on boots and cardigans with my summer dresses.

Did you find anything random, sexy, or simply shareable this week? Share it in the comments below!

Your Partner in Passion,


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