6 Ways Sex is Guaranteed to Make You Happier

6 Ways Sex is Guaranteed to Make You Happier - Sex and Happiness

Do you ever wonder how you could be happier? Or find yourself lamenting that if you only did x, you’d finally be happy?

I do! It’s part of the reason I’m obsessed with School of Shine, a women’s community dedicated to inspiring happiness from within.The School gives you practical ideas to infuse positive habits into your daily life. And they’re all rooted in the science of happiness (so they actually work). When I met the School’s founder Zo, and we talked immediately started talking about Kegels, orgasms, and women’s empowerment, I knew you’d love her too. This week, she shares how sex and happiness go together. Because you deserve to find your #happilyevernow, in the bedroom and out.

Sex is a tricky beast, stuffed with emotion, sensation, and pleasure.

But…if you’re sexing with someone who you respect, trust, and actually want to be naked with, here are 6 ways sex is guaranteed to make you happier. Science says so.

Sex releases endorphins.

Like any other form of exercise, sexercise releases loads of…endorphins. Endorphins are like speedy, little dolphins swimming through your brain and leaving trails of euphoric explosions inside. These magical chemicals flip your stress levels down and your happy levels up – simple as that. So if you need that extra push to get on top, just remember, the more you twerk, the more your endorphins work.

Sex releases tension.

From cars to computer chairs to couches, humans of today sit a lot. While we sit, we stress. We stress about everything from our choice of college degree to our pension plans to what we should have for lunch. All this sitting and stressing about our past, present and future causes enormous amounts of tension to build within our bodies.

If you focus in on your neck muscles right now, you will most likely feel those stress balls sitting there, yearning to be loosened. Sex – like running, dancing, singing, and even screaming – is a healthy method to rid your body of built up tension.

Stress sabotaging your sex life? Here’s what to do about it.

Sex encourages exploration.

Life is an adventure brimming with ups, downs and all arounds – so why shouldn’t our sex life be the same? Whether you’re romping with one person on the regular or doing a different person a day, every session is a lesson in what you like and what you don’t.

Our bodies are filled with pleasure zones, mystery spots and mountains of sensual glory. Think Candy Land, for consenting adults. When you bring an extra body into the mix, stay playful and curious, explore Lollipop Lane, Cupcake Cove and all the other satisfyingly sweet opportunities that lie ahead.

Sex increases intimacy.

From birth, one of our very first senses we put to use is touch, thanks to the comfort of being held and feeling the warmth of another body. With one simple touch, our bodies are capable of coming alive with physiological connection. Ever feel a spark when someone touches your shoulder or brushes your hand?

Affectionate touching, like hugs, increases the oxytocin in your body. This little loving hormone is like a bonding agent between two people, reducing stress and increasing one’s sense of trust and security. Sex allows the body bond to grow, increasing emotional and mental levels of connection in addition to the physical.

Sex increases body confidence

What if instead of trying to bang our bodies into nonexistent ‘perfect’ shape, we banged ourselves into feeling beautiful and confident? Let me explain. Sex is typically a minimum of two people wanting to be intimate with each other. When you’re rocking it with someone you trust, they accept every bit of your bod – even the parts you don’t.

Nine times out of ten, they don’t notice that weird booty pimple, an unshaved leg, your tummy roll, or how much smaller your left boob is – and even is they did, they don’t care. They’re too busy focusing on the fact that they are actually having sex. If you feel comfortable enough to get into bed with someone, embody it all the way and feel good about your bangin’ body! The more confident you are, the more freedom you will feel in the bedroom.

Sex is a type of meditation.

While some people think meditation requires sitting with your legs crossed and ohming it up, there is no rule book saying you can’t get it ohm in the bedroom. The purpose of meditation is to practice living in the present moment. There is NO better time than when you’re reeling with pleasure to embrace the NOW.

Our brains are always in motion, wondering and worrying. If we choose to focus on the act at hand, (or tongue), your sensitivity will heighten. Embracing these moments of delight will elevate your entire sexual experience, and likely elevate your orgasm too. Feel all the feels happening both inside and outside yourself. Connect through touch with another human. Fulfill your own sense of pleasure and adventure. Let your mind go and your body ring free. Breathe in and out, and get it ohm.

In conclusion, sex is great.

It has many benefits for your mind, body, soul and G-spot. Ensure you are climbing into bed with someone you trust, listen and love your body, and then let it go and enjoy the ride.

For more deeply profound and slightly comical life lessons on happiness, love, women and worth, visit SchoolOfShine.com.

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