Sex Gets Real: Sex and Chronic Illness

A few weeks ago I had the honor of chatting with Dawn and Dylan, the folks behind Sex Gets Real. We talked about all sorts of crazy sexy goodness like:

  • sex and chronic illness
  • lube
  • passionate monogamy (aka how to keep things hot when you’re vanilla and/or with someone else for a long time)

Here are the highlights:

“I’d argue that [lack of sex] means that self-care has already gone out the window.”

“Your sex life is worth it.”

“Beyond that, just for like bad-ass sex, we like the lube here!”

“I call it the g-zone.” 

“Woo hoo – body love!”

“Those really awkward embarrassing moments that happen during sex make the best stories later.”

“Intimacy is this broad word […] that includes all those little silly butterfly moments.”

“I think any relationship model is the right one for you as long as you chose it.”


Also featured: shout-outs to fabulous women like Danielle LaPorte and a ridiculous coincidence that has to deal with electric shocks. Are you hooked?  Click here to listen to the gabfest interview in its entirety.

In the comments below, tell me how you’ve dealt with keeping the passion alive through illness, a long-term relationship, or any other challenge.

Your Partner in Passion,


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