Sex Toys for Your Sun Sign

My interest in all things “woo woo” began young: my mom took me for my first tarot reading in middle school. Since then, my dedication to the woo has waxed and waned, and blended with my background in neuroscience, public health, and sexual health. I love the opportunity to combine these seemingly disparate interests, as I was able to at a recent event celebrating the launch of Bijoux Indiscrets’ Horoscope boxes.

These Zodiac-themed kits include: a gemstone necklace unique to your star sign, an orgasm-enhancing clitoral balm suited to your natural element, and a silicone vibrator. The event was held at Babeland: Soho, where sex educator Maggie schooled us on all things sexual astrology. Read on for my biggest tips and takeaways.

Read on for my biggest tips and takeaways.

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