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All About Orgasm – As Seen on Fusion’s Sex Right Now

Want to learn All About Orgasms? This fan-favorite workshop was recently featured on Sex Right Now with Cleo Stiller.

Missed the episode? Saw it & want to learn more? Here were Cleo’s main takeaways.

What is an orgasm?

Orgasm is the explosive release of sexual tension. It can happen from stimulation of the clitoris, the vagina, the anus, the eyebrows, the feet, the breasts, or just by thinking about sex, depending on a lot of factors, including simple factors like PRACTICE and CONTEXT.

Emily Nagoski in her amazing book, Come as You Are

Orgasm Comes from your brain

You experience orgasm when you get the stimulation that works for you in the context that works for you! For most women, the “right” context is high trust, high affection, & low stress. Regardless of the specifics, the “wrong” context is when there’s too many other competing needs competing for your brain’s focus – whether that’s stress, body image concerns, worries about your relationship/family/health/job, or even feeling too cold (or hot)!

The key, then, to better sex, is to create the right context for you.

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The Most Common Misconception About Orgasm

Learn from the past to have better sex now

Most of what impacts your sex life has nothing to do with sex. From feeling relaxed to feeling accomplished, the context in which you have sex more likely determines how good it is!

That’s why, when you look back at your past sexual experiences, you’ll find a handful of things that have been present in all your favorite experiences. Most likely it’s missing from your least favorite experiences – or something else was present that overrode it!

This is the exact experience I take you through in my All About Orgasm workshop. Here’s a DIY version to get you started:

  1. Think about the best orgasm you’ve ever experienced.
  2. Envision the scene. Think: who/what/when/where/why/how. Who were you with? What happened before, during, & after? What did you see, hear, smell, feel, & taste? When was it, both time of day and what was happening in your life? Is there a reason you were doing it, like celebrating something or as a thank you for some kind act? How did it all go down?
  3. Write down everything you remember, even the littlest detail.
  4. Now circle 1-3 things that are a good combination of impactful & easy to do.
  5. Voila! You’ve taken the first step to creating the right context for your best orgasm again and again and again.

Want to learn all about orgasms?

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