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One thing most people can agree on is that consensual sex is fun. Yes there may be awkward or frustrating moments, but after the fact they tend to make for really great stories. Think about that time your vibe died right then, getting walked in on or pulled over, or crashing the car while having a bit of fun. All of these feel insanely embarrassing in-the-moment but afterwards hopefully bring some smiles and laughs.

Luckily, sex isn’t just fun. Its benefits include lowering stress, helping you relax, and even counting as your workout from time to time. Recently something else was added to his list of goodness that takes it over the top. What, you ask? Well, sex can help you feel more comfortable in your skin.

Say what?!

Let’s be real here – I’m not saying sex is going to be your cure all for acne, wrinkles, and body image issues. However, this news 1) give you another reason to have more sex, solo or otherwise and 2) provide a new and pleasurable tool to add to your skin regimen. Wins all around.

How exactly does sex do this? Well without getting too sex geeky, here are four ways.

Sex helps your skin because it…

1) releases a repair team. You’ve probably heard of endorphins and how they are responsible for that post-sex happiness + glow. However, these guys also go through your body and make repairs on a cellular level. That means fixing blood vessels and scars and rounding up skin enemies like free radicals. In short, more sex = more endorphins = more healing = better skin.

2) can make you literally glow. The increased circulation (think heart pounding, flushed skin, etc), sweating, and relaxation all help your skin to shine. Think about a post-workout glow. Now multiply it by lots of pleasure. Oh yes… Of course, if you have an extra sweaty session and are prone to breakouts, be sure to wash your face afterwards.

3) boosts moisture. Sex boosts the amount of estrogen in your body. Estrogen, in turn, helps prevent dry skin and improve elasticity both of which help your skin look brighter and be clearer.

4) helps you sleep better. By helping you get a better night’s sleep, sex promotes a ton of skin-loving R&R (that’s ‘repair and relaxation’). Why? Well when we sleep, our our body’s repair team goes around cleaning house and fixin’ it up. Think about that dewy fresh skin you have after a long, deep, uninterrupted night’s sleep. After all, its called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason!

Want to know more? Check out the full article.

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