Try This for a Sexy Date Night In

You know it’s easy to get too comfortable with each other in a long-term relationship. Enter: the regular date night. Whether you stay in or go out, prioritizing each other on a regular basis helps keep your connection strong. Plus, it challenges you to try new things,. Not sure where to start? Try a sexy date night in.

Ditch the over-priced dinner & indulge in each other instead

Forget the fancy restaurant, order your favorite delivery, and dedicate the evening (or afternoon!) to indulging in and exploring each other. This particular sexy date night idea is amazing if lately your sex life feels a little routine (ok boring). It’s also fantastic if you’re a new mom or dealing with other major physical changes and notice that sex doesn’t quite feel the same anymore.

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Learn all their secret turn-ons

Unlike what romance novels and movies tell us, there isn’t one magical spot that works for everyone. Like with everything in sex, certain spots tend to be more common…but there’s no single guaranteed turn-on or orgasm “button.”

If you already know what gets your partner there, use this sexy date night to find their other secret places. I promise – they exist! You might discover the feeling of you hair stroking down their back drives them wild. Or that you absolutely adore when they massage with your breasts. Or you both love feeling fingernails trail down your thighs.

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Try this for a sexy date night in

  • Both of you get naked or down to undies.
  • Have your honey lay down.
  • Starting at the top of their head, touch, lick, stroke, suck, scratch, tickle, nibble, pinch, massage, etc down their body. Do whatever feels good. Use your hands, mouth, teeth, tongue, hair, or toys.
  • When you have you fill with one side of their body, have your honey roll over. And start exploring again.

You can approach this from a general standpoint OR you can use this time to setup a “sex lab” and focus on a particular sex act or position.

When you’re done exploring them, switch positions

Let them explore you. Give them feedback as they go – what feels good? What doesn’t? And if you find yourself distracted, try these two super simple ways to get your head back into the moment.

There are only three rules to this sexy date night:

  1. Check in continuously. Ask questions like, “How does that feel?” and “Does that feel good?” Watch their face, breathing, and body language. Are they moaning? Keep going. Did they pull back, make a face, or tense up? Ask what’s up. This could be a sign something felt too good, to the point of it almost hurting…or not good at all. Ask if you need to go softer? Harder?
  2. No touching the genitals. You both already know those feel yummy. The point of this sexy date night is to find new parts of the body that are extra sensitive.
  3. Don’t worry about the Big O. I know this is hard. Orgasms feel amazing. And you might like having a goal for your sexy time. That’s totally ok! Make the goal, “Find x new spots that turn my honey on” or something like that. Really, do whatever you need to focus on this as a playful exploration of each others bodies.

You’re only limited by your imagination—or, really, ours

If you aren’t sure where to even start with this—or maybe you want some new ideas—we created something just for you:

0,So…You Think You’ve Tried It All?

Once you know what you want to explore in more detail, search through the site for additional info to help you get the most pleasure out of it! Here are some of our most popular articles:

Take your time

This isn’t meant to be to quick. It’s meant to add intimacy, adventure, and satisfaction back into your sex life. So take it slow. Savor it.

After all – if you went out for dinner it would have taken much longer! 😉

If you’re super short on time, explore one part of the body at a time. Just make sure to schedule your next sexy date night – it’ll be the best follow-up appointment you ever make.

And when you’re both done exploring—sleep or orgasm awaits!

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